Japan earthquake centers on Sendai, home of Nikon D3


Update (14 March): Nikon Japan has issued an official statement concerning the earthquake, please click here.

UPDATE (11 March): Despite the proximity to the epicenter and to the coastal areas affected by the tsunami, Nikon has announced there has been no injuries to employees nor significant damage to the flagship camera plant.

Japan suffered a monumental earthquake earlier today measuring 8.9 on the moment magnitude scale, followed by a devastating tsunami. The epicenter is reported to have been near Sendai, where Nikon produces the D3s, D3x and D700 models.

The region is also home to other manufacturers. Panasonic's Yamagata lens plant is further to the south-west while further south Canon's main lens plant at Utsunomiya is still well within the affected zone. All three are likely to have sustained damage, but the repercussions aren't likely to be known fully for several days.

We would like to convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to those affected by today's tragic events.


Sendai Nikon viewed from the air, produces the D3s, D3x and D700. The plant has made every pro model from the original Nikon F (correction F3) through to the F6, and the D1 through to the D3. (Images credit: Nikon Corp)


To make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society, please click here.


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