Thursday, 23 February 2012

Is Canon about to unleash the EOS 5D X? UPDATED


UPDATED 2 March, 2012: Canon has launched the EOS 5D MkIII.


Rumours of the replacement for the EOS 5D Mk II have been circulating the internet for ages, indeed with a three year product cycle, the camera is well overdue. Nikon has launched the low-light D4 and hi-res D800, but my impression is that Canon will change-the-game with a new hi-res, low-light camera.

I've heard from various sources that we'll see a full-frame DSLR with a 22MP CMOS sensor, 61-point AF system (like that of the EOS-1D X) and 3.2-inch 1,040K dot LCD, dual SD/CF card and 5fps continuous shooting. There's no word on the video spec, but it seems unlikely not to have 1080p at 30/25/24 fps unless Canon are using that to differentiate between the EOS 1D X. I say that, as I think the new camera will have similar low light performance up to ISO 51,200 (maybe even expandable to ISO 204,800, like the 1DX). We'll know soon enough.

Lately, we've seen internet sites owned by the print publishers talk of rumours surrounding the release of new cameras when they've been in possession of, if not the cameras full spec with accompanying demo and advertising material by the maker's PR people, at the very least an invite to the press launch. It's at odds with the maker's stipulation that the invitation may not be published anywhere, so I'm guessing they're playing word games ...

It will be interesting to see if they start talking about a new Canon DSLR released at the end of this month, or maybe early next. My guess is we'll see these stories appear soon, now that the rumour sites have started the chatter. This is largely generated by retailers, and can't be quietened by the makers, because ...well they're their customers and besides it's good (viral) marketing...

The price of the Canon EOS 5D Mk II has been dropping recently, I suspect in anticipation of the new camera. Please follow the links to buy at Jesspos (UK) £1,669.95 inc VAT (was £1,799.95) and Adorama (US) at $2,399.00 after an instant $100 rebate.

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Additional Images


Is this the Canon EOS 5D Mk III? Time will tell.


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