Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Android & iOS - FUJIFILM Photo Receiver - New App

If your digital camera is equipped for connection to a wireless network, this new photo receiver app by FUJIFILM will make uploading images to your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets very simple. Once the shots have been uploaded you then have the facility to share them via Facebook or Twitter.

This is a free app and looks like it will prove to be very useful,

iOS - click here to download.

Android - click here to download


Supported Cameras


At present you're limited to the FujiFilm Finepix Z1000EXR and the Z1010EXR cameras.

How To Use This App



1    Start FUJIFILM Photo Receiver.
2 On the camera, select playback mode and display a picture you want to upload.
3 Simultaneously tap  Connect on the smartphone and  on the camera.
4 When the camera locates the smartphone, its name will appear in the camera display (you can enter a new name for the smartphone in the “Name” field at any time).
5 Confirm that the name of the destination smartphone is correct and tap START SENDING on the camera.
6 To upload additional pictures, display them on the camera and tap . Up to 30 pictures can be uploaded in a single session.
7 To end the session, tap End on the smartphone or BACK on the camera.


Viewing The Images



8 To view the pictures, tap Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android).

9 The app can be also be launched by pressing the SNS (iOS) or share button (Android).

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