Friday, 3 February 2012

Gitzo softly launches new Systematic tripod range.


After this site broke the news that Gitzo were replacing the Systematic range of tripods, the DJP has since discovered the company has launched the new range 'softly', on their website. The modular Systematic range has been extended to include Series 2, aluminum 4 and 5 series has been replaced with carbon fibre, while new top casting geometry is said to improve stability, says Gitzo. It should also lessen twisting when used with fluid heads for HDDLSRs - the top-plate is removable and can be replaced with either a 75mm or 100mm video bowl, necessary for leveling fluid-type video heads. No prices have been announced at this time, but from our previous report, the new tripods should be available by the end of February.


A new GT4552GTS 'Geant' is an interesting new addition, with a maximum height of 240cm/94.5 inches and weighing 2.72kg/6lbs. Gitzo says it's capable of a 25kg/55lbs load - or a 600mm f/4 and pro-DSLR in real world terms. The 5 series has been expanded too. With a 40kg/88lbs maximum load, Gitzo say these are preferred for the 800mm f/5.6 combinations.


A a new ratchet type lever (seen more clearly in the picture at the head of the post) is used to secure the top-plate, and should be an improvement over the hex locking nut of previous versions.


The top casting now has additional security for the removable top-plate. Note the button at the top of the picture, this must be depressed before the plate can be detached - saving inadvertent spills, it's claimed.


New leg braces offer more room to grip, making set-up easier, Gitzo adds.


Built-in spikes - the previous range offered optional spikes.


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