Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pentax makes K-01 official


UPDATE: The Pentax K-01 with the 40mm f/2.8 XS (shown above) is now available to pre-order at Adorama for $899.95, please follow the link here. UK retailer, Jessops, has the K-01 in various guises (starting at £629.99 body only), please follow the link here. Thank you for buying from this site's links.

Pre CP+, Pentax has officially announced the rumored, and recently leaked K-01 mirrorless camera. The new model features a 16-MP APS-C format CMOS (like that of the Ricoh* GXR A16 announced earlier this morning) and, interestingly, the Pentax K-mount, meaning the camera will integrate with the maker's range of DSLR system and lenses. The K-01 will be available from end March 2012. with a body only price of £629.99 or £679.99 complete with the new 40mm DA XS 'pancake' lens (shown above).

*Ricoh now own the Pentax brand.

Press Release

An interchangeable-lens digital camera designed in collaboration with designer Marc Newson
PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY LTD. is delighted to announce the launch of the PENTAX K-01 interchangeable-lens digital camera in conjunction with the world’s thinnest interchangeable lens* - the smc PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 XS unifocal. This latest addition to the popular Pentax K series and the new lens were both designed in partnership with world renowned designer, Marc Newson.
The PENTAX K-01 features 16.28 megapixels, high-speed burst shooting, an extra-wide sensitivity range with a top sensitivity of ISO 25600** and Full HD video recording.
The camera also features the reliable and ever-popular PENTAX K lens mount, so users can make effective use of their entire range of PENTAX lenses, including those produced for film-format SLR cameras.***
The PENTAX K-01 is a creative and bold step in camera design and has been developed with Newson’s three design themes in mind — TIMELESS, TRUSTY and TOUCHABLE, whilst still maintaining the full array of advanced functions and user-friendly features that you would expect from a digital interchangeable lens camera.
PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY has a strong history of innovation – it was the first to develop colour digital SLRs and front customizable compacts, as well as pioneering concept models created in collaboration with various designers and artists.
Newson’s K-01 is a modern digital camera with a contemporary yet timeless design. The body consists of clean and simple lines creating an elegant graphical composition whilst preserving all the functions of a professional camera. Original-design push buttons and control levers are efficiently laid out across the body, while bright colours are used on two key buttons for instant recognition: red for the video recording button, and green for the functional green button. The combination of machined aluminium and natural rubber provide the user with a tactile and durable piece of technology. The mode dial and the power switch are made of a high-quality aluminium alloy, while the memory card slot and connectors on the comfortable, easy-to-hold grip are covered with protective rubber.
Newson’s original design concept is evident in all elements of the K-01, including the product logo, the camera strap and even on the start-up screen when the K-01 is turned on.
The optical viewfinder and quick-return mirror were eliminated during the design process to allow more freedom in the design of the camera body.  The result is a camera that shows Marc Newson’s originality in every detail.
Speaking of his design inspiration, Marc says: “I wanted to create something that represented quality and expertise in photography. Some of my favourite photographic devices have been Pentax products. I wanted to return to the high quality roots of the brand and create something which was really unique and iconic.”
The K-01 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for their first easy-to-operate digital interchangeable lens camera or those photographers who demand a camera with originality and style. The K-01 makes a wonderful second camera for current PENTAX SLR users requiring a stylish back-up for their photographic system.


The PENTAX K-01 comes in the following colour combinations:
Black with black grip
Black with yellow grip
Silver with black grip



The PENTAX K-01 will be available from end March 2012.
K-01 body only - £629.99
K-01 + 40mm DA XS lens - £679.99
K-01 + DAL 18-55mm lens - £679.99
K-01 + DAL 18-55mm lens + DAL 50-200mm lens - £799.99

*The world’s thinnest lens for interchangeable-lens digital cameras, as of February 1, 2012 (based on PENTAX’s research).
**When expanded.
*** K-, KA- KAF, KAF2, and KAF3- mount lenses can be used with the PENTAX K-01, while screw-mount lenses, 645-system lenses and 67-system lenses can be used with an adapter. Some functions may not be available on certain lenses.


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