Rare finds on eBay


Listing at $3,675.00, a rare Nikon 58mm f/1.2 Ai-S Noct-Nikkor (with unusual, most likely misspelt 'Nocf-Nikkor' engraving) is just one example from several pages of rare and esoteric lenses and cameras for sale at SH Photo on eBay. Some choice examples include:

Nikon 3.5/3.5cm Stereo Nikkor (early 3D twin-lens and mirror/prism attachment) $42,630.00
Nikon SP Black paint with S36 motordrive $36,750.00
Nikon I (Nikon's first rangefinder) $36,500.00
Zeiss (Contax) 2.8/300mm Tele-Apotessar T* $14,699.00
Zunow f (Nikon RF) 1.1/5cm black with rare vented hood $11,760.00
Zeiss (Contax) 1.2/85mm Planar T* 50th Year Edition $5,879.00

There are just too many to mention all of them, please follow the link here to browse.

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