Pre-order Nikon D800 models


B&H Photo in the US are taking pre-orders for the newly announced 36-megapixel Nikon D800 ($2,999.95) and D800E (without AA filter, $3,299.95). Please follow the link here.

Amazon has added the D800 for $2,999, please follow the link here. Amazon US have stopped taking pre-orders for a while. Amazon UK link has now been added at £2,399, please click here.

Pre-orders can be placed at Adorama for the D800 here at $2,999.95 or the D800E here for $3,299.95.

UK readers can pre-order the D800 from Warehouse Express at £2,399 (inc VAT), and Jessops are listing both models for pre-order at £2399.95 and £2689.95, please follow the link here.

Thank you for ordering through this site's links.


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