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Canon unveils the new PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot A3200 IS

Canon today unveils the PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot A3200 IS, a duo of new models that combine high-quality imaging and a range of creative features in a bright, colourful body; making it easier to have more fun with your photography. Capturing high-resolution, still images and optically stabilised 720p HD video, each offers an exceptionally easy-to-use, flexible and great value option for those who want to relive their best moments in amazing detail.
Succeeding the A3000 IS and A3100 IS at the top of the PowerShot A-series, both models are slim and stylish, with a solid metal chassis that reflects the enduring, robust performance assured by all Canon products. Allowing users to inject colour into their photography before they even take their first image, the PowerShot A3300 IS is available in red, blue, pink and silver, whilst the PowerShot A3200 IS offers a choice of pink, orange, silver and aqua.

Canon-quality imaging


Both models offer the flexibility of high-resolution image sensors, with the PowerShot A3300 IS capturing 16.0 Megapixel images and the PowerShot A3200 IS offering a resolution of 14.1 Megapixels. These resolutions allow users to print at A2 size without compromising on quality, or to crop tightly to create interesting compositions. Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processing powers both models, providing swift operation and excellent quality shots.
A genuine Canon 28mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom provides great flexibility in all situations, whether recording family gatherings, holidays or evening events. The versatile zoom range will ensure everyone fits in the frame, or can get closer to subjects for intimate portraits. The integrated lens-shift optical Image Stabilizer – an unrivalled advantage of Canon cameras – reduces the effects of camera shake, which can add blur to images shot in low light or at the telephoto end of the zoom. This allows users to capture sharp results in full resolution with up to 1/8th of the light than would otherwise be possible from a model without image stabilization.

Great images from the first click

The PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot A3200 IS make it easier for everyone to capture fantastic still images to mark an event, a special moment or an exciting adventure. Both models offer the latest version of Canon’s Smart Auto mode, which instantly evaluates each shooting situation against multiple factors, grouped in 32 detectable scenes, and then automatically adjusts the camera settings to capture the scene as intended, without requiring any input from the photographer.
Perfect for capturing the action, Smart Auto combines Face Detection Technology with the latest Advanced Subject Detection technology, allowing it to identify and lock onto both human and non-human moving subjects within the scene. Once identified, Servo AF/AE ensures the subject remains in focus and well-exposed, right up until the shutter release is fully pressed and the image is recorded.
Thanks to enhanced integrated i-Contrast and Smart Flash Exposure functions, Smart Auto captures subjects in the best possible detail, reducing the occurrence of harsh shadows and over-exposed highlights. Motion Detection Technology also senses camera or subject movement, automatically selecting the optimum combination of shutter speed and ISO sensitivity for sharp, low noise results. Even challenging situations, such as subjects illuminated with strong spotlights or backlit subjects, can be automatically detected and optimally captured using Smart Auto mode.
For those who prefer straightforward point and shoot photography, Easy mode deactivates most of the buttons and removes icons from the screen, making it simple for even the most inexperienced user to take great photos. Favourite images can easily and immediately be shared on the large, 230,000-dot screen. The PowerShot A3300 IS boasts a 7.5 cm (3.0”) LCD and the PowerShot A3200 IS offers a 6.7 cm (2.7”) LCD, with five brightness settings. A Quick Bright function instantly sets the screen to full brightness at the touch of a button, which can be particularly useful when viewing the screen under very bright lighting conditions. Furthermore, on-screen Hints & Tips provide a brief overview of each function, helping users to quickly familiarise themselves with the camera menu.

Powerful, creative support for everyone

720p high-definition video provides an additional avenue for users to record special moments in rich quality – recording in H.264 format, which allows for more video to be stored on a single card compared to the standard motion JPEG format. In a first for the PowerShot A-series, both new models also feature Canon’s Dynamic optical Image Stabilizer which counteracts picture shake commonly recorded when the user is moving and recording at the same time, helping to produce smoother, sharper footage.
Each model features six Creative Filters which add a different perspective to images. In addition to Miniature Effect, Fish-eye Effect, Super Vivid and Poster Effect, two new filters have been added to enable users to experiment with a greater range of effects. New Toy Camera Effect gives images the retro feel of pinhole camera photos, while Monochrome creates atmospheric shots with sepia, black and white or other monochromatic tones. Canon’s popular Miniature Effect can be applied to movies as well as still images, recording 1.5, 3 or 6 frames per second in movie mode to create the impression of a time-lapse video of a small-scale model.
For users who like the freedom to make image adjustments without having extensive knowledge of manual settings, Live View Control allows basic image controls such as brightness, colour or tone to be changed manually to match a desired result. Each adjustment is displayed live on the LCD screen, allowing the different effects to be previewed while framing the subject, prior to image capture.
Both models offer a range of innovative ways to take self-portraits, or ensure the photographer can be part of the picture. Smart Shutter with Face Detection Technology allows users to trigger the shutter release with a smile, a wink or simply after the camera detects an extra face entering the frame. A new Discreet mode is also ideal for shooting in quiet locations where flash photography is not permitted, such as during ceremonies or inside museums, allowing users to carry on shooting by disabling all camera sounds, the focus assist lamp and the flash.

Share the moment in-camera and online

Owners of the PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot A3200 IS will also receive automatic membership to the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, with 2GB of free, secure, online space to upload and share favourite images and video.

PowerShot A3300 IS – key features

    •    16.0 Megapixels
    •    28mm wide, 5x zoom lens
    •    Optical Image Stabilizer
    •    7.5 cm (3.0") LCD
    •    Smart Auto, Easy mode and Hints & Tips
    •    HD Movies (720p) with Dynamic IS
    •    Live View Control and Creative Filters
    •    Face Detection, Auto Red-Eye Correction
    •    DIGIC 4
    •    Li-ion battery

PowerShot A3200 IS – key features

    •    14.1 Megapixels
    •    28mm wide, 5x zoom lens
    •    Optical Image Stabilizer
    •    6.7 cm (2.7") LCD
    •    Smart Auto, Easy mode and Hints & Tips
    •    HD Movies (720p) with Dynamic IS
    •    Live View Control and Creative Filters
    •    Face Detection, Auto Red-Eye Correction
    •    DIGIC 4
    •    Li-ion battery

Pricing and Availability

The PowerShot A3300 IS is available from February 2011, priced at £149.00/&#8364179.00 RRP incl. VAT.
The PowerShot A3200 IS is available from February 2011, priced at £129.00/&#8364149.00 RRP incl. VAT.

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