Monday, 3 September 2012

Hoya introduce new UV & IR Cut filter


Glass maker Hoya has announced a new range of UV & IR cut filters, offering a front filter thread for stacking which the firm says is not 'found in a combination UV-IR filter', presumably they mean a rival make*. The firm continues to add, 'another benefit to using the UV-IR filter is that it can also reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to a greater degree than would be found with a standard UV filter. This means that sharper images with more depth and finer, richer color gradations are possible when utilizing the filter's effects in your photography. This combination filter is a convenient option for those who seek a clearer and sharper image when captured outdoors, while getting the benefits of two filters in one.'


Blocks UV Rays below 390nm
Blocks Infra-Red (IR) Rays above 700mn
Transmits only light in the visible spectrum
Helps generate higher quality images with clearer and sharper definition


The range is available now, starting at £85 for the 49mm. Check prices at Amazon (you may have to page down).

* The equivalent B+W 486 UV/IR cut filter has a large retaining ring and only a narrow thread to hold a lens cap.

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