Friday, 7 September 2012

Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 officially announced

After the Compact Prime version was announced at the recent NAB show (not reported on here) I expected yesterday's announcement to be this lens, however it wasn't and now today we have the official announcement of the Apo Sonnar T* 2/135. The lens will begin shipping in December 2012 at a recommended retail price of approximately Euro 1.600 or US$2.000 (excluding VAT). The price is competitive for Zeiss, consider the Distagon 2.8/15mm or Makro-plannar 2/100, for instance, and the $5,700 price for the equivalent CP lens (on which it's based although there are several reasons why the price is more than double). No pre-orders yet, but keep checking here for information. It is interesting to speculate whether Zeiss will add the 70-200mm f/2.8 as a ZE/ZF.2, my feeling is that we will.
If you're in the process of switching systems (from Canon) or simpy want to use the lenses with your DSLR and mirrorless camera, then consider buying the ZF.2 version with its manual and mechanical aperture control and then buying a high-quality adapter. You can use the ZF.2 on Canon EOS bodies and any mirrorless camera (they all have shorter registers than the Nikon F mount). I recommend the German Novoflex make (click here for Adorama US link).

From the press release:

"A special variable arrangement of the lens elements delivers excellent images over the entire focusing range, from 0.8 meters to infinity. The compact telephoto lens features eleven elements in eight groups. Because this lens is an apochromat, chromatic abberations (axial chromatic abberations) are corrected with elements of special glass materials with anomalous partial dispersion. The chromatic aberrations are therefore significantly below the defined limits. Bright-dark transitions in the image, and especially highlights, are reproduced almost completely free of color artifacts."

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