Friday, 24 August 2012

Entry level Fuji X-E1 to complement X-Pro1?


Images have surfaced on the net of what purports to be a new model to complement the Fuji X-Pro1. The new model, apparently called the X-E1 lacks the hybrid viewfinder of the original but appears to retain an EVF. That makes sense as the hybrid optical viewfinder will be somewhat restricted with some lenses (ultra wide and long focal length lenses). The EVF on the other hand will be able to cover these while reducing the camera's complexity (and cost, let's hope). I like the look of this, the clean lines of the body are a big improvement over the X-Pro-1 but I'm not hopeful Fuji will have improved the layout of the rear controls or the menu, but you never know.

Source Digicame-info.


Also available in chrome, and shown with the image stabilised 18-55mm f/2.8-4 zoom. The two openings by the hotshoe are almost certainly that of a stereo mic, and it also appears to have a pop-up flash.

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