Tuesday, 1 February 2011

National Georgraphic Expeditions Introduces New Adventure Travel Program

Grab your hiking boots and head into the wilderness with National Geographic! With their new line of active Adventures, you’ll trek through some of the world’s most legendary mountain ranges; go kayaking amid icebergs and calving glaciers; and veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild landscapes on foot or by horseback. Get to know fascinating cultures firsthand, from the Hadza bushmen of Tanzania who will welcome you into their lives, to the Bhutanese villagers you’ll visit on your hikes.

We have listed a few examples of the adventures below but there are tons more. To reserve a place or find out more, head here

Alaska by Sea Kayak: Whales, Bears and Ice


Take to the sea in a kayak in one of the wildest places on Earth. Along Alaska’s southeastern coast, little is accessible by road. Glaciers tumble down from high mountain slopes, scattering icebergs across inlets and bays. Ferns and moss carpet the floor of the ancient Tongass Forest, and waters rich with salmon and nutrients lure wildlife of every sort, from humpback whales and sea otters to brown bears. Exploring from the intimate perspective of your kayak, encounter the forests and shores of beautiful Chichagof Island close up. Venture far into Glacier Bay and spend two days paddling through this otherworldly wilderness of ice and mountains. Then head to Admiralty Island to observe brown bears and bald eagles angling for salmon at Pack Creek

Bhutan: Chomo Lhari Trek


Long isolated from the modern world, the tiny Buddhist nation of Bhutan is a mountain oasis where spirituality is a way of life and a vibrant culture remains virtually untouched by outside influences. Take to the Himalaya on an exhilarating ten-day trek that brings you through remote valleys where yaks and their herders roam, beneath snow-clad peaks that scrape the sky, and into nomadic settlements and local villages to get to know Bhutan’s gentle and gracious people. Hike in the shadow of spectacular Chomo Lhari (23,997'), Bhutan’s most sacred mountain; explore extraordinary dzongs, or fortress-monasteries; venture into age-old monasteries perched high above lush valleys populated by red-robed monks; and delve into Bhutan’s history and arts in the cultural centers of Thimphu and Paro.

Chile and Argentina: Hiking Patagonia


Patagonia’s pristine beauty is preserved in two exceptionally scenic national parks: the Torres del Paine in Chile and Argentina’s Los Glaciares. Set out to explore both on foot—from the black-tipped “horns” of Cuernos del Paine to the ice-clad pinnacles of Monte Fitz Roy. Hike along sapphire-colored lakes strewn with incandescent icebergs in Torres del Paine. In Los Glaciares, part of the third-largest ice cap in the world, walk among active glaciers and watch as they calve ice into alpine lakes. Spot wildlife from Andean condors to guanacos and eagles, and travel across the sweeping Patagonian steppe. Cap off your hiking adventure with a day in beautiful Buenos Aires.

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