Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Manfrotto announces four new Baby Lightweight Stands

I would really like to see how these babies compare with the 001B's I have and use with my Speedlites (aka Speedlights) and Quantum strobes. Hopefully, I will review one (?) when they become available.

Press release:

Bogen Imaging is pleased to announce the launch of four new Baby Lightweight Stands, ideal for professional or enthusiast photographers whether on location or in the studio thanks to their light weight and compact size.

The new Baby Lightweight Stands are extendible to between 240cm and 385cm, with various payloads between 4kg and 10kg and all feature the new Quick Stack System (QSS) patented by Manfrotto.

With a combination of the most innovative technical solutions and a unique design, QSS enables you to attach each stand to the others, saving lots of room in the studio or when transporting the stands in a case for outdoor shooting – making them the perfect portable stands to add to your kit.

The new baby is sold individually or in a kit of three and can stand up on its own even when closed.

Practical and innovative, the new Baby Lightweight Stands include a new bi-injection casting that provides the photographer with a better ergonomic grip, while the new air cushioned system prevents any loads from unexpectedly falling down when the handles are unlocked, for safer product usage.

Available in four models: the 1051BAC and 1052BAC can hold loads of up to 4kg and 5kg respectively and have collars and spider casting made of Adapto, the technical polymer specifically developed by Manfrotto that’s 50% lighter than aluminium; the 1004BAC and 1005BAC (9kg and 10kg respectively) in aluminium.

They all feature a 3/8’’ screw top fixing with a 1/4’’ adapter, for any requirement.

The Manfrotto Baby Lightweight stands are available from April 2009 at the following RRPs:

Manfrotto 1051BAC £56.95 inc VAT
Manfrotto 1052BAC £61.95 inc VAT
Manfrotto 1004BAC £85.95 inc VAT
Manfrotto 1005BAC £83.95 inc VAT

Readers requiring further information should call 01293 583300 or visit

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