US dealers officially lower price on Canon EOS 5D Mk II


US dealer, Adorama, has decreased the price of the Canon EOS 5D Mk II. Please follow the links to buy (I'm not sure how long this will last);

Canon EOS 5D Mk II body $2,199.00 (plus $500/$400 rebate when bought with Canon Pixma Pro 9500/Pro9000 Mk II respectively)

Canon EOS 5D Mk II with EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS £2,999.00 (with same rebate available as above).

Please use this link for Amazon US.

B&H Photo are also listing the 5D Mk II here.

UPDATE (22nd March): UK readers can now benefit from lower prices. Jessops has reduced the price on the Mk II to £1659.

Thank you for buying through this site's links.


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