Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nikon Nikkor 60mm f2.8 D or G version?


If you're a Nikon macro photographer and are looking to buy a 60mm, you have a dilemma. The latest AF-S Nikkor 60mm f2.8G is a fine performer optically and can achieve 1:1 without extension tubes, just like the earlier "AF-D" type version. However, the earlier iteration is preferred by those who want to combine it with the various Nikon PK11A, PK12, PK13, PN11 extension tubes for magnifications greater than 1:1- the latest "G" type model has no aperture ring for manual control. The AF Macro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D (pictured above) is no longer made and while it is very hard to find it is still available new as a "grey import" from Adorama at $429

It begs the question, do Nikon realize the shortcomings of not upgrading their extension tubes? With lenses achieving 1:1 already (without the extension tubes) they think there're no need.  It was understandable before, with the lens coupling used on "D" series lenses, but now as the roll-out of AF-S type lenses is well underway there's really no excuse.

Amazon UK have 5 in stock as of the day of posting (6th June) at £354.

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