Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nikon D600 in stock at Jessops


The D600 must be the quickest to market of any camera from Nikon that I can recall (and I can remember way back to when they launched the FM then FE back in the late 70's). I didn't get chance to see this at launch but it's significantly smaller than the D800 and packing the same resolution sensor as last years top-of-the-range D3X the D600 is the first full-frame model to resemble the film cameras in size. I think this will be the 'game changer' for the company rather than the D800 (as good as that camera is, the file size is really only going to appeal to enthusiasts and professionals).

The body is available from Jessops at £1734.95 inc VAT (not as cheap as the US can buy them, but then we've always been at a disadvantage). The vertical grip (MB-D14) can be bought for £249 (please click here for the Jessops link).


  1. there such a price difference btwn US and UK?

  2. Different subsidiaries will buy at different prices from the factory in Japan (or China now). The US will get the best volume discount, even though you would think Nikon Europe could match it, the Euro/GBP conversion rate complicates matters. Then we have the anti-competitive 20-per-cent VAT to add on. In the past, Nikon US bodies had different model numbers to prevent them being imported into Europe. Their lenses are still marked US for the same reason.


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