Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sekonic meters and PocketWizard transmitter options


I have a Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster, a superb flash and ambient-meter, which has a built-in radio transmitter for triggering PocketWizard (Plus and MultiMax and PW partner) enabled flashguns or strobes. I use it with Plus II's attached to various flashguns and a Profoto Pro-B2 1200, though that has now been replaced by the Pro-B3 AirS (which, can be bought with the PocketWizard receiver module built-in as well as Profoto Air wireless syncing as the Pro-B3 AirS/R. Bought in the UK (or Europe), the Sekonic L-758DR will come supplied with the RT-32CE or in the US with the RT-32FCC region specific transmitter**. However, I've recently only discovered Sekonic make an "all-region" module, the $69.95 RT-32N.


This can be used in any FCC or CE certified L-758 series or even the relatively affordable (and equally outstanding) L-358 model. Unfortunately, if traveling with a CE or FCC meter you can't swap them for an FCC or CE transmitter respectively, the only options are to rent or buy a new meter. That was until now. If you buy the RT-32N (and sell on the old transmitter) you can use it in any FCC or CE certified Sekonic meter and use it anywhere. The moral of the story is to buy the L-758D* and then upgrade it, or if you're in the market to add the transmitter to a L358 or L758Cine make sure you buy the RT-32N.

*Note the new pricier $149.95 RT-32CTL (press release available here) is to allow triggering with the PocketWizard FlexTT5, ST4 and MC2 using the ControlTL system as well as the Plus and MultiMax series but are not all-region. **According to the PR, new L-758DR models will start shipping with the RT-32CTL.


  1. I have PW Plus II from USA (FCC) and European Sekonic L-358(CE). If I buy RT-32N will Sekonic work with my PW?

  2. Yes it will, any combination will work with the RT-32N.


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