Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Schneider Kreuznach announces Cine-Xenar III primes


Schneider Kreuznach, the maker behind high-end optics for DSLRs and MF cameras (as well as B+W filters) has announced today the third generation of its Cine-Xenar range of lenses for cinema and TV- productions (though the lenses can also be adopted for use with APS-C DSLRs). The lens range consists of T2.2/25mm, T2.1/35mm, T2.0/50mm, T2.0/75mm and T2.0/95mm lenses and have been updated to include an inner focusing system. An a brand new 18mm variant (T2.2/18mm) has also been announced. The lenses were primarily developed for RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony and Panasonic professional cameras with a PL mount. Thanks to their exchangeable camera mount, these versatile Cine-Xenar cinema lenses can also be used with semiprofessional digital SLR cameras such as the (APS-C) Canon EOS 7D.

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