Monday, 5 December 2011

Nikon Pro magazine available as an app


Nikon Pro magazine, the official magazine of Nikon Pro Services (NPS) in Europe is now available as an app for the iPad. The publisher claims the iPad edition will include extra content over the tri-yearly printed version, including movies, extended interviews and behind the scenes footage. The magazine was once exclusively available to NPS members but has been more widely available recently through registration of Nikon equipment at the Nikon Europe BV site.

The app which is free is to download is available from here (US iTunes Store).

Please use this link for UK iTunes Store.

Please note while the app is free, each issue costs $2.99 / £1.99. We spoke with the editor of the magazine, Lawrence Akers, and he confirmed the app is not neccessarily intended for NPS/NPU members (who already receive the printed edition free of charge), 'but more for people who want it instead of the printed version or are in areas where the printed issue isn't available'. It's sure to attact the interest of US readers, for instance. We think that's a small pice to pay for the quality of the content.

UPDATE: 12 December 2011. It also appears to be available a few days before the print copy (though I'm sure the post varies in different regions) - we've only just received ours in the post.

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