Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Leica Underwater Housing Auctioned For $204,841 Plus More Leica Auctions

Leica auctions are never for the faint hearted and this one especially at the 20th Westlicht Photographica that took place on November 12, 2011 certainly wasn't. Take a look at what you could of picked up, if only you had been there (and had the nerve and funds to match).

Leica UW Underwater housing (1970), no. 240-0043

Expected Price: $34,142
Fetched Price: $204,841
This is an extremely rare red painted underwater housing for the US Army. This housing is the most new looking of the lot with the original Leitz Canada users manual. The camera also has a special Samsonite case marked KG-24. The housing contains an M-mount Elcan (Ernst Leitz Canada) lens with a 90-degree field of view and f/2.8 maximum aperture.

MP black paint (1958), no. MP-28


MP black paint (1958), no. MP-28MP black paint (1958), no. MP-28
Expected Price: $68,304
Fetched Price: $165,567
The rare and original MP No. 28 was built around 1958 for professional photographers and was expected to be sold at $68,304. This rare camera seems to be the bidders favorite as it was sold at an unexpected price of $165,567.

Leica KE-7A


Leica KE-7ALeica KE-7A
Expected Price: $16,384
Fetched Price: $90,120
The camera was specially made for the US military around 1954 with special Elcan 2/50mm lens and was expected to draw a price of $16,384 but went up for sale at $90,120.

KE-7A + Elcan 2/66mm (1948), no. 1294559


Expected Price: $32,772
Fetched Price:NA
This rare camera was also produced for the US army and is still in a very good working condition. The back side of the camera is engraved with the ‘Serial No 1294559 FSN 6720-165-7115 CONT. F42600-71-C-2429 US’. The camera is equipped with a rare Elcan 2/66mm no.283-0025 and unique camera lenses.

M3-P chrome + Noctilux 0.95/50mm chrome (2011), no. 20/20


M3-P chrome + Noctilux 0.95/50mm chrome (2011), no. 20/20M3-P chrome + Noctilux 0.95/50mm chrome (2011), no. 20/20
Expected Price: $ 34,105
Fetched Price:$ 81,835
This one is a special edition limited camera that was created in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Leica Shop in Vienna. These cameras are limited to 20 units. Leica MP silver chrome has vulcanite cladding finish and the top cover is designed in the typical Leica M3 style. The top of the camera is inscribed with Classic Leica Script and the serial number of the camera. The camera comes with the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens in silver anodized finish.

Leica I Mod.A Elmar ‘Calfskin’ from 1930


Leica I Mod.A Elmar ‘Calfskin’ from 1930Leica I Mod.A Elmar ‘Calfskin’ from 1930
Expected Price : $20,492
Fetched Price:$ 163,939
The 9th lot of the auction, this rare Leica I Mod.A Elmar ‘Calfskin’ from 1930 is a limited edition as only three are known to be in existence and none of the others are in working condition. The black paint camera, covered with colored calfskin was expected to fetch $20,492, but fetched much more i.e. $163,939.

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