Monday, 21 November 2011

Nikon D800 pictures surface

Although we're not really allowed to discuss details of Nikon launches - members of the press are invited so long as they don't discuss details of the event before it occurs - last month's postponed event was most likely for the rumored Nikon D800. What with the events in Thailand recently, and before that in Northern Japan where this camera would originally have been made (in Sendai) put paid to the expected announcement. However, as we've no firm details of an impending press launch (itself a perilous admission and one likely to cost us entry to that very event) we feel that we ought make a comment for what it's worth about the pictures of the D800 that have surfaced on the net.

The picture of the rumored D800 above appears to be bone-fide only it could just as easily be one of several working prototypes that company fields prior to launch. Lead times are so much shorter for digital cameras than they used to be. Back in the summer of 1996 I was entrusted with a fully working Nikon F5 several months ahead of the launch. At other times these are kept locked in company vaults, so it's fairly safe to assume that pictures that do escape are those of working prototypes (or Photoshop fakes). This may well be the final D800 - it has the new raised white lens alignment indicator at 2-o'clock and is almost certainly a working camera (the blanked out name plates would probably reveal some simple disguise, such as a blacked-out name and likely no model designation) but only time will tell.
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Source NikonRumours.

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