Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hasselblad announces H4x


Hasselblad has today announced the H4X, a trade-in product for the H2 and H2 series cameras. The new H4X has the same compatibility as the earlier H1/H2 film-based bodies and cannot be used with the maker's current range of H-series digital backs. However, any back that worked on the earlier cameras, such as a Phase One digital back, will work on the H4X.

A spokesperson for Hasselblad confirmed to the DJP 'the H4x is a refurbishment for all H1 and H2 camera bodies. Owners of H1 and H2 bodies can trade them in for a new H4x, which will not only give them the same functionality as before (compatibility with third-party and film backs), but extra functionality such as True Focus and compatibility with all the H-Series lenses.'

The spokesperson also believes 'H4D backs will still only work with their calibrated H4D bodies as an integrated camera. Note that the H4x is only available as a trade-in for H1/H2 owners - it is not available brand new as a non-trade-in product.'


Press Release

Copenhagen, October 27th 2011

Hasselblad announces new H4X trade-up deal

After almost a decade of service in the front line many H1 and H2/H2F bodies are growing tired and are now in need of replacement. Customers still using the aging platform can now trade-up to the new H4X.

Said Chris Russell-Fish, Global Sales and Marketing Director: “The H1/H2 series has had a long and distinguished career but the time has come to announce its evolution. We know there are still a substantial number of photographers out there using H1/H2 bodies – and we are offering them an exclusive opportunity now to trade-in and upgrade to a very worthy successor – the H4X.”

The new model is available only to H1/H2/H2F users and will cost from just 3,995 Euro (plus tax). The H4X is a great camera body upgrade, which supports all H System lenses, most third party backs and even film. And of course it comes with our world-acclaimed True Focus technology and all the built-in ‘DNA pedigree’ our customers have come to expect from Hasselblad.

Former US President J. Carter once said ‘We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles’. We agree. Our new H4X completely underpins this sound logic.

For further information and for H1/H2/H2F owners who wish to trade-up to the new H4X, please go to: and contact your Hasselblad dealer.

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