Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ricoh releases firmware update for G700, G700SE



Press release:

June 16, 2011—TOKYO, Japan—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (helmed by president and CEO Shiro Kondo) today announced that the company is to release updated firmware for G700 and G700SE digital cameras on June 17, 2011.
Based on the many comments and suggestion received from end users, the firmware for existing G700 and G700SE cameras has been updated to add new functions and menus that increase ease-of-use and productivity not only in construction and engineering but also in a wide range of other business applications.
The G700’s water and dust-proof design ensures reliable performance in harsh environments in a variety of applications, from disaster relief through medical or production environments that require cleaning and sterilization, to engineering and construction. The G700SE shares its little sister’s water- and dust-proof design but offers as standard wireless LAN and Bluetooth® for wireless data transfer and supports optional GPS units and bar-code readers.
Manuals for updated firmware and functions can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website.

[G700 and G700SE function-enhancing firmware]

Enhanced functions

1. Firmware for All Cameras in the G700 Series Updates

(1)    Playback zoom available with image memos
Images stored in camera memos can now be viewed using playback zoom, complete with scrolling, allowing any part of each image to be viewed in detail.

(2)    Camera memo on/off
Camera memos can be disabled even when a memo list is uploaded to the camera, allowing the camera to be used not only for on-site photography but also in applications in which memos are not required.

(3)    New CALS Picture Quality options
12M 4:3F, 12M 4:3N, and 10M 3:2 F options have been added to the CALS Pic Quality menu.

(4)    New matrix barcode type
G700-series cameras now support Aztec barcodes.



2.    Firmware for the G700SE Updates

(1)    Compass selection
When both optional GP-1 and Bluetooth®-equipped GPS units are connected, you can now choose the device used to supply the compass heading.

(2)    Declination
You can now choose whether compass data supplied by optional GP-1 and Bluetooth®-equipped GPS units are corrected for magnetic declination.

(3)    Display of GPS data during movie recording
GPS data are now displayed during movie recording.

(4)    Compass headings displayed in degrees
A Degrees option has been added to Compass Heading in the expanded settings menu.



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