Friday, 3 December 2010

Top 10 iPad Photographic Portfolio Apps

The iPad is the ultimate way to display your photographic portfolio to your clients. The screen is perfect for it and there are some truly great apps that make the whole photo sharing aspect a joy to behold. Take a look at these...



Brand new and only released today, Valise is a digital portfolio for photographers and other creative artists. Create your custom portfolio with ease, using the inbuilt customizable elements. The maximum amount of images you can display in this version is 48, and number of allowable portfolios in this version is one. We will be adding the ability to add extra portfolios and other features via in later versions.

Valise will be available at an introductory price of $4.99 US or £2.99 UK, 3.99€ for one month.


Portfolio for iPad


Portfolio offers a self-contained, brandable presentation tool for your business. Once set up, it will look like a custom app developed exclusively for your business. Lock the interface with a PIN when you're done and it's safe for any client meeting without the worry of exposing the management interface underneath.

Whether you're a photographer showing photos and videos to a bride-to-be, a wedding venue displaying various table setups, a florist giving the choices of different arrangements, a landscaper showing different layouts, or a web designer describing past designs, Portfolio will give that extra bit of polish and professionalism to your presentation.


FolioBook iPad Portfolio


Foliobook is the clean and minimal ipad portfolio app for photographers, agents, designers, models, architects, and anyone who wants a simple and beautiful way to present photos and visual artwork.

Foliobook features a customisable home page that works in portrait or landscape orientation and provides a wealth of customisation options, its your virtual 'bookbinder' capable of putting a professional touch on the presentation of your images. This allows you to create and modify your branding on the fly.

Custom home page features: your own background image, renaming gallery titles, colour and transparency setting of gallery title text, movable menu bar with adjustable transparency, customisable fonts for a text logo and for gallery titles.


Portfolio To Go for Flickr


Portfolio to Go for Flickr syncs your Flickr photosets to local, cached galleries on your iPad. Once all galleries and images are cached you can view your portfolio without an internet connection. Perfect for use with iPad Wi-fi - sync and go.

Some key features:

# Photo Wall:
View all your Flickr photo galleries at once - scroll each gallery horizontally to browse thumbs, scroll vertically to traverse through all synced galleries. Click on any thumbnail to jump into the main image view.

# Main image view displays gallery thumbnails to enable intuitive gallery navigation. Just click the main image to go full-screen.

# Flickr Authorization: access to all of your private, friends and family and public photos

# Multiple cached portfolios: add unlimited Flickr portfolios via your contacts or Flickr IDs to P2G and switch between them.

# Auto-cache photos: all photos get cached in the background while you browse (you can turn this feature off in settings)




PadFolios is a new iPad application that brings you the opportunity to show your portfolio images with an elegant easy-to-use interface. It allows you to add a customized background with your logo and any info you want, so you keep your brand in your customer's mind while you show the best of your work.

You don't need to show all your clients the same portfolio, for that reason with PadFolios you can have multiple PadFolios one for each need.  Do you have a new customer to impress and need to create a totally new portfolio on the way? Creating new PadFolios on the go is easy and fast! Just select your background, select your images and you are ready. Also you can add images to existing PadFolios to keep them fresh with your newest creations.


MediaPad Pro


MediaPad Pro allows artisans of any discipline to easily construct their portfolio of content into an intuitive and customizable format, ideal for photographers, artists, models, designers, actors, directors and anyone with a portfolio. It comes equip with all the tools you’ll need to take your portfolio to the next level.

Enter your professional contact information and then upload any combination of images (print), audio files, video files and digital/website files.




With Pholio, you can use your iPad create a portfolio of your best photographs to show your friends, your family, or your clients.


- Intuitive interface
- Free support for up to 3 galleries of 10 photographs each
- In-app purchase: Unlimited galleries
- In-app purchase: Branding kit. Use a custom background and a custom logo
to brand your portfolio
- Works in both landscape and portrait orientations


LookBook Portfolio


LookBook Portfolio is the ideal application for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, artists, businessmen or anyone else who has a collection of items to display. Lookbook Portfolio allows you to assemble both pictures and websites resulting in a collection or project. Other apps let you add items, but there's not a ton or organization or too little information for your items. Lookbook Portfolio allows you to add meta tags, descriptions and titles. This app is a lifesaver to designers and developers because it takes advantage of the interactive tools and features of the iPad and merge them with the ability to add all related items. You can categorize, search, tag, and organize your items in any way you like.




GalleryPro has a unique design, with all functionality easily accessible from one location. It offers the photo and video gallery features you want, plus many features that other apps don't.

• create folders and sub-folders at any level
• easily perform standard file editing operations: name, rename, copy, paste and delete files and folders
• instantly move your files, folders, or groups of folders anywhere you like (folder hierarchy is always preserved no matter how many levels of sub-folders are involved)
• mark files of special interest for emphasis

• view your photos and videos in quick-access library mode or standard thumbnail mode, and easily switch between them
• quickly set up and customize slideshows
• zoom, pan, and scale photos with a fast, intuitive




Turn your iPad into the ultimate portfolio tool. Load up your SmugMug galleries and dazzle the crowd with screen-filling photos, HD videos and silky slideshows. Save your favorite images to the library and use the iPad as a portable photo frame.

If you have friends or family with SmugMug accounts, drop their sites on your homepage and browse them at any time. All of your favorite SmugMug sites and galleries are available right at your fingertips.


- View your own galleries and all public SmugMug sites
- Get the full experience with gorgeous photo slideshows and HD video
- Download images back to your iPad library for viewing offline
- Create shortcuts on the homepage to any SmugMug site or gallery



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  2. Great news from the iPhoneography world:

  3. Nice post!!You have missed one app- Sort Shots.. it is the ONLY app to Utilize Existing Metadata/EXIF making it the Perfect Photo Sharing and Portfolio App for Finding and Sharing Photos.Earlier i used to face sequencing problems but after using it when i transfer the pics to ipad,the sequence remains the same also i can create an impromptu slideshow with music..


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