Monday, 6 December 2010

Food photographer Rene Riis to work with Michelin star Demon Chef on photo book

We were sent this interesting press release this morning from Hasselblad's distributor in Hong Kong (the parent company owns the camera maker), besides that, we'll use any excuse to feature food photographers, especially when it's Rene Riis.


Demon Chef and Danish Cameraman - Rene Riis to Collaborate for Book by using Hasselblad H4D-50

Alvin Leung to work with world class food photographer Rene Riis in December

For his first book, Hong Kong’s ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung is set to collaborate with world-class Danish photographer Rene Riis. The owner and executive chef of the Michelin star restaurant Bo Innovation, Leung recently started writing what he describes as an “art/food book.” To enhance his creative vision, he has invited acclaimed artist Riis back to town to shoot the stylized pictures.

The Copenhagen-based lensman ( specializes in food photography and is known for his remarkable close-ups and detailed images. His work has been featured internationally in acclaimed art publications including Wallpaper, Elle Decoration, Living Architecture, Gastro and GQ Magazine.

The intensive photo shoot will take place the week of December 13 to 17, at the Miele Private Lounge show kitchen in Causeway Bay. Riis will be shooting Leung’s “X-treme Chinese” dishes using a high-powered digital Hasselblad H4D-50 medium-format camera. Its images are capable of a resolution power of 50 million pixels.

The two artists first met in 2009 at a food photography seminar in Hong Kong. They quickly developed a working report and friendship. When Leung decided to create his food book, Riis’ name immediately came up.

Leung explained, “I don’t want to do just another recipe book. This should be more like an art book showing my inspirations, methods and madness. We considered a few other photographers but ultimately I know Rene would best capture what I had in mind. Neither of us want just second best. We’re setting the standards very high.”

An acoustic engineer by trade with no formal culinary training, Leung and his restaurant Bo Innovation has been a Hong Kong sensation since it began as a private kitchen in 2003. His modern twist on Chinese cuisine was awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide’s first Hong Kong survey in 2009. It is number 65 in the S. Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants awards. It was also voted one of Asia’s top 20 restaurants in the newest Miele Guide.

The Hasselblad name is synonymous with the very top end of the camera and related photographic equipment market and famous for reliability and image quality. The company’s success started with its first consumer single-lens mirror reflex 6x6 camera, unveiled in New York City in 1948, the system which NASA took to the moon in 1969. Hasselblad cameras’ legacy of innovation continues to this century with the H4D line marking a new chapter in medium format DSLR cameras. The H4D features the revolutionary True Focus technology with APL (Absolute Position Lock), making focusing substantially easier and more accurate. H4D cameras are available with 40Mpix, 50Mpix or 60Mpix sensors.

The photo location at the Miele Private Lounge is a state-of-the-art luxury kitchen space near Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay, engineered to enhance the Miele lifestyle with features carefully selected to match the timeless elegance and quality of the Miele brand. The use of the venue is strictly invitation only.


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