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DxO ViewPoint2 special offer

Online readers might be interested to know that from now until 20th October, DxO ViewPoint2 is on a special offer in the UK for just £39. Customers can visit either Park Cameras or WEX to purchase.

A free trial version is available here at

How to Have Memorable Family Photos

Steps to Make Your Family Photo Stand Out - in a Good Way

Family portraits are an important part of our culture. They help catch our children growing up, our changing families, even our pets through the years. Some family photos turn out hilariously and unintentionally bad. Don't let your family photo be among what a family photo shouldn't look like.

1. Don't wear matching outfits
One of many cheesiest things you can do in a family photo is to dress your family all inside the same outfit. Add some especially bad a part of an outfit, for example an ugly, holiday themed sweater and your loved ones photo gets to be a stale cliché or even a joke. Dressing with some sort of theme, say for example a common color is okay, but ditch the Cosby sweater for some thing natural looking and real.

2. Don't stage your photo

It's one thing to tell an account with your photo, there is however a fine line between that product a staged photo that looks silly and over the top. The best fam…

Lexar Workflow HR1 Hub and Card Readers, initial impressions

I've been using the new Lexar Workflow HR1 Hub (available to pre-order here) for a few days and I thought I would share some thoughts on it before reviewing it (maybe not here on my site as I'm very busy - it depends on how much interest is shown, I guess). The first thing to note is that it's a USB 3.0 powered hub, and, if you haven't realized already it doesn't come with any card readers - they're extra, although at $28.41 each the CF and SD (SDHC/SDXC) relatively accessibly priced. If all four bays are used, that's a total of $193.60, and getting on to be pricey. Where things get interesting is of course that the hub is designed to be 'future-proof'. When a new card standard is launched, all you need do is swap out the card readers. And, to prove the point Lexar has announced a card reader for XQD cards, presently only used by the Nikon D4. At $44.99 / 39.95, it's pricier than the standalone Sony XQD Memory Card Reader but slightly lower than…

Previously announced Zeiss 1,4/55 lens on the way?

A new Zeiss lens will be introduced shortly, I can reveal. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment, but I'm sure I won't be upsetting the firm by saying I believe it's for Canon and Nikon DSLRs, meaning a ZF.2 or ZE mount retro-focus model. My own guess is that's the previously announced 1,4/55 lens (shown above). The firm previously said in an 'development statement' that the model will be available at the end of 2013. I believe we may hear more as soon as next week, and I also expect one or two carefully selected review sites (in the US mainly) to publish their initial findings on the day of the announcement...For more information, please visit the Zeiss blog here.

DxOMark posts video AF comparison between Canon EOS 70D and Sony SLT-A77

I'm not going to reveal the outcome, please visit the site here.

Sony Zeiss 1,4/50 for Alpha going back tomorrow

I have been using the Sony Zeiss 1,4/50 with the SLT-A99 for the past week or so for review in one of the magazines I contribute to. It's going back tomorrow, so if there any readers who would like to ask me questions about it, feel free.

Think Tank TurnStyle 20 sling-bag initial impressions

I'm reviewing the above bag for one of the magazines I contribute to, and I thought I would share some initial impressions. Firstly, it's one of the best sling bags I've seen and it has become a firm favorite of mine which will likely replace my Lens Taxi as my most used pack. However, there are couple of shortcomings. The first is the overly petite haul loop; it's so thin and weedy* I can't trust it when the bag is full of heavy gear. It would be almost better if it didn't have one (it may be an idea to cut it off - it would also make it impossible for some to grab it from behind). Second, the rear pouch is supposed to take a iPad. It does, but if you have a case for it (I have a very slim Hard Candy case for protection) it won't fit. The TurnStyle 20 easily holds my current review kit: Sony Zeiss 1,4/50 T*, SLT-A99, X-Pro1 and Zeiss Touit 2,8/12 T* and XF-55-200mm f/3.5-4.8R LM OIS., but there's not much room for anything else.You can buy the TurnSt…

Olympus reveal new 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom, pro E-M1 body

Olympus has revealed the long rumored E-M1 and 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom. It sounds like the E-M1 uses the same excellent panel as the VF-4 (for the PEN E-P5). Prices start at £1299.99 for the body only, £1499.99 for the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 lens kit and £1949.99 for a kit that includes the new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 12-40mm 1:2.8 lens. While the E-M1 seems like a good step up from the E-M5 and PEN E-P5 (both sitting on my desk right now) for stills. the limited 1080/30p video (with a max 24Mbps bit rate) will not give Panasonic GH-3 users any cause for concern, even with the 5-Axis IBIS (which is one of the best for handheld video). Olympus really need to offer 60/50/30/25/24p and IPB and All-I compression and MOV (H.264), MP4 and AVCHD formats. Lets also hope the focus peaking isn't like that found on the E-P5 (it's okay, but nothing like that on the Sony A-99).

ThinkTank Photo unwrap Apple carry cases

ThinkTank Photo, one my favorite camera bag maker's has announced a range of cases, desigbned specifically for Apple iPads and MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops up to the 15-inch model. For more information, please visit here.