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Nikon D5 and Canon EOS 1DX S DSLRs to feature optional EVFs?

With the introduction of the Leica M sporting both an optical (actually coupled rangefinder) and the option to fit a EVF that works very well together, and with rival Sony offering electronic finders in their SLT cameras, what can Nikon and Canon do with future pro oriented models? Easy, should on-sensor phase detection AF (such as that found on the new Canon EOS 70D) become fast and reliable enough I can think of several solutions. But the one that appeals to me most is a return to the interchangeable finders of their film-era cameras. While the maker's primary concern will be the ingress of dust, how difficult could it be to offer a single body with the option of optical and electronic finders? The reflex mirror and focusing screen could be retained for the optical (pentaprism) finder and finder based PDAF systems*, and be simply locked up when the electronic finder is attached. You wouldn't be able to switch seamlessly as you can with the Leica M, but that's inherent wi…

Nikon Nikkor 60mm f2.8 D or G version?

If you're a Nikon macro photographer and are looking to buy a 60mm, you have a dilemma. The latest AF-S Nikkor 60mm f2.8G is a fine performer optically and can achieve 1:1 without extension tubes, just like the earlier "AF-D" type version. However, the earlier iteration is preferred by those who want to combine it with the various Nikon PK11A, PK12, PK13, PN11 extension tubes for magnifications greater than 1:1- the latest "G" type model has no aperture ring for manual control. The AF Macro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D (pictured above) is no longer made and while it is very hard to find it is still available new as a "grey import" from Adorama at $429
It begs the question, do Nikon realize the shortcomings of not upgrading their extension tubes? With lenses achieving 1:1 already (without the extension tubes) they think there're no need.  It was understandable before, with the lens coupling used on "D" series lenses, but now as the roll-out of A…

Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro1 savings when buying additional XF lenses

Fuji are slashing prices on lenses for the X-E1 and X-Pro1 at $200-$300 a lens. See the B&H site here for details. Click on "Savings Available" A 2% "reward" is also being offered.Details of the savings for the X-Pro1 can be found here.