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Fuji X-Pro1 lens offer

Fuji UK has announced an enticing offer on the X-Pro1, if you buy one with a lens, you will receive either a 18mm or 35mm for free. Terms and conditions apply of course* (the offer runs through to the end of December 2012), please see here for details. *If you're a UK or ROI resident, the only online dealer supporting this promotion is Amazon UK.

Canon EOS 6D available this weekend in UK

Canon UK have just announced this morning that the eagerly awaited full-frame EOS 6D will be available at retailers this weekend.

Two kit versions will also be available:
EOS 6D + EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM £2,519.99
EOS 6D + EF 40mm STM £1,959.99

The cameras will be available through Jessops, and Wex. Amazon are not listing it at the time of posting.

Cyber-Monday deals at Adorama


Nikon D5200 announced, no new DX lenses

Nikon UK invited journalists to see the 24-megapixel D5200 yesterday in London but despite it being a well-balanced DSLR spec-wise (it includes the AF system from the D7000) it's no D300s replacement and nor were there signs of any new DX lenses. My guess is we will see a D7000 replacement that will also appeal to those looking to upgrade from the D300s (i.e. it will have a metal outer shell, 8fps or thereabouts and adopt the same 24MP sensor . What AF system it will have is anyone's guess). But for now the D5200 isn't it.
The body only price is £720, Eur 900 (and probably a lot cheaper in the US). It will be available during September.
Press release: