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Hasselblad announce Lunar mirrorless model

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Photokina this year, and happened upon the Hasselblad stand. Having already reported briefly on H5D I thought I would take a quick look at it but the main interest on the stand was the previously rumored mirrorless 'Lunar' camera mock-ups. They were generally poor quality, though there must have been close to a dozen on show. The camera is being hotly debated for being not only "ugly'", but for being based on a Sony NEX-7, and with a grossly inflated price of 5,000 Euros. I can confirm that is all of those things, but what interested me particularly was the Carl Zeiss 12mm f/2.8 Distagon on the front of the model above.

Nikon keep promise on Nikon D600 delivery

Nikon don't have the best track record when it comes to delivery times, but it seems they've kept to their word with the new 24-megapixel D600. Amazon UK have it in stock at £1,886 (click here), body only (and there are some listed as low as £1,600, though I don't know the retailers' reputation) . I'll try update this with other retailers throughout the day.Adorama in the US have stock at $2,096.95, with free shipping (click here).

NEC announce 23- and 27-inch SpectraView displays

NEC Display Solutions, the professional imaging display maker, has added two new models to its wide-gamut SpectraView (SV) monitor range that already includes two 23-inch models, the SV 231 and SV 232. The new SpectraView models differ to the European Multi-Sync models by including full hardware calibration, for more consistent color reproduction, while apparently not offering the zero-pixel defect warranty of the SpectraView Reference series, nor the hood (though that can be purchased separately), putting the range more inline with the US SpectraView models (albeit without the bundled NEC-branded X-Rite sourced calibrator).
Pricing has yet to be confirmed by the firm, although it should be between the two existing ranges. The two new models will be available from September 2012. Press Release:

Schneider Kreuznach announces four lenses for full-frame DSLRs

At the Photokina today Schneider Kreuznach has announced four new full-frame lenses for Canon EOS, Nikon-F, Sony Alpha and Pentax-K cameras. The lenses include a 85 mm/2.4 Makro-Symmar, 28 mm/4.5 Super-Angulon Aspheric Tilt/Shift* (note the built-in Arca Swiss tripod foot), 35 mm/1.4 Xenon and 50 mm/1.4 Xenon (the last two lenses are not shown). Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed by the firm.*This lens can tilt and shift in the same plane, like the latest Canon TSE lenses (though they're totally manula mechanical - there are no electronic contacts - used to close the iris unfortunately). It will be interesting to see if this can match the Canon 24mm TSE in terms of optical quality - it's a massive lens compared to the Canon though (which is already sizeable). Slightly off topic, I also noticed the new Leica TS-APO-ELMAR-S 120mm f/5.6 ASPH (above) for the Leica S appears to be made for them by Schneider. Press ReleaseBAD KREUZNACH, 17 September 2012Schneider-Kre…

Jessops taking pre-orders on Canon EOS 6D

Canon's latest entry-level full-frame 20MP EOS 6D featuring built-in GPS and Wi-Fi announced earlier this morning* is available to pre-order at Jessops at £1,799.99 (including VAT).
*For more information please visit,

Nikon make long rumored 24mp D600 official

Product Highlights

• 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
• EXPEED 3 Processor
• 3.2" LCD Monitor
• 1080p HD Video Capture
• 100-6400 ISO - Expandable to 50-25600
• 5.5 fps Continuous Shooting
• 39 Wide-Area AF Focus Points
• Stereo Mic & Headphone Inputs
• i-TTL Flash
• Wi-Fi Connectivity with Optional Adapter

Pre order options

B&H Photo

Nikon D800 body only $2,099.95 (expected availability 19th September)

Option to save $100 on purchase of 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G

Sony make A99, RX1, NEX-6 official, announce development of Zeiss 1,4/50mm ZA SSM

As widely leaked over the internet in the run up to the official product announcement, Sony has duly announced the 24-megapixel full-frame A99 and RX1 as well as the 16-megapixel NEX-6 models, but, interestingly, the firm has announced the development of a Zeiss 1,4/50mm ZA SSM. Details are scant but the new lens adopts ultrasonic focusing (SSM) and a 72mm filter thread. According to the press release, the new 50mm will be available in the Spring of 2013. Pre order options and contactB&H Photo (New York)Sony A99 body $2,798 (available on or after 11th Feb, 2013)Sony RX1 $2,798NEX-6 body $848For more information, please visit

Hasselblad make new H5D and 4.8/24mm official

Hasselblad has announced the new H5D with a number of new features and enhancements, including the largest and brightest viewfinder currently, a print ready JPEG mode (not seen before on a Hasselblad), new compressed Raw format, True Focus II (for improved AF accuracy), weatherproofing, optional battery adapter for standalone operation of the camera back and several ergonomic improvements. Although the firm has yet to confirm the digital back options it is expected that all the current sensor resolutions will be offered with the H5D. There are no indications of the prices at the time of the announcement, though the new models are expected to be available in December.

Also announced is a new HCD 4.8/24mm, the equivalent to a 17mm (on a 35mm format camera ) and offers similar performance to the HCD 28mm, the firm claim.

For more information please visit Hasselblad.

Profoto B4 1000 Air officially announced

Profoto has announced the new Pro 4 battery pack with flash durations down to 1/25,000 sec, fast recycling (30 flashes per second) and an 11-stop range. The B4 can be connected to the mains and used as a studio generator, although the battery can be fully charged within 45 minutes, the firm claim. Backlit controls are a welcome addition as is the LED panel for each head which can show flash duration as an option. Price and availability has not yet been confirmed. For more information please visit Profoto.

Sony NEX-6, RX1 and A99 images surface UPDATED

Images have surfaced on the net of an alleged full frame (35mm) compact, the RX1 featuring a Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 2/35 with manual aperture ring and a $3000 ticket. Although the camera is sure to appeal (to wealthy enthusiasts), it lacks an EVF* and doesn't appear to have interchangeable lenses. Be that as it may this is an interesting development and hopefully an indication of things to come. The same site also has images of the NEX-6 and full-frame video-orientated A99. I'm not going to speculate on the individual camera's specification, the anticipated launch date is the 12th September so you will know soon enough.*It could be an option given the unusual design of the hotshoe. (Update a source revealed it has both an EVF and OVF as options). NEX-6 APS-C No SteadyShot Inside (there's room in the mount for a full-frame sensor, but Sony don't want do add it just yet.) Sony's full-frame camera comes of age, the A99. With a 24-megapixel sensor, Sony don't want…

Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 officially announced

After the Compact Prime version was announced at the recent NAB show (not reported on here) I expected yesterday's announcement to be this lens, however it wasn't and now today we have the official announcement of the Apo Sonnar T* 2/135. The lens will begin shipping in December 2012 at a recommended retail price of approximately Euro 1.600 or US$2.000 (excluding VAT). The price is competitive for Zeiss, consider the Distagon 2.8/15mm or Makro-plannar 2/100, for instance, and the $5,700 price for the equivalent CP lens (on which it's based although there are several reasons why the price is more than double). No pre-orders yet, but keep checking here for information. It is interesting to speculate whether Zeiss will add the 70-200mm f/2.8 as a ZE/ZF.2, my feeling is that we will.
If you're in the process of switching systems (from Canon) or simpy want to use the lenses with your DSLR and mirrorless camera, then consider buying the ZF.2 version with its manual and mec…

Carl Zeiss to announce new lenses at Photokina

Carl Zeiss are to announce a new high-performance Distagon T* (not Planar) type 1,4/55 manual focus lens (above) , "this lens is the first model of a new product family designed for demanding users. Thanks to a newly developed optical design, this lens is superior to conventional full-frame lenses, and it achieves with powerful full-frame, full-format cameras an image performance that until now has only been seen with medium-format systems. The first prototype of this new range will celebrate its world debut at photokina. The family of lenses is expected to be on the market in the second half of 2013 for EF bayonet (ZE) and F bayonet (ZF.2)."The new lens type is reminiscent of an AF design (note the lack of a distance scale and new rubber focusing ring) but Zeiss has stated the new lens will be manual focus and is sure to be the first in a new range of ultra high performance lenses (the current range is already high performance). The Distagon design is unusual in this focal …

Leica S2 discontinued, new model to be announced shortly?

Adorama are listing the Leica S2 as 'no longer available', presumably as the replacement Leica S3 is being readied for for Photokina later this month (18th-23rd September).

Fuji officially announce the X-E1

As expected, Fuji has officially announced the X-E1, packing the same 16-megapixel X-Trans CMOS as the original X-Pro1 but in a smaller lighter body. There's no hybrid viewfinder - no real loss in my opinion* - it has instead a new 2.36million dot OLED which Fuji describe as 'top-class'. The camera is launched with the new fast kit lens (not a budget offering) 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 image stabilized zoom and 14mm f/2.8. This is the camera Olympus should of launched in my opinion, although I do rate the OM-D E-M5 (and its sensor) very highly, particularly for discrete use and visual note-taking. X-Pro1 sales will plummet in light of this (the X-E1 is smaller, lighter, cheaper, has a more detailed EVF and uses the same sensor), so what will the X-Pro2 bring other than a higher resolution sensor (I expect to see 24-megapixels in the next iteration)? The X-E1 looks like a serious contender to the Sony NEX-5 /7 offerings and Olympus OMD E-M5, that is providing Fuji has improved the…

Hoya introduce new UV & IR Cut filter

Glass maker Hoya has announced a new range of UV & IR cut filters, offering a front filter thread for stacking which the firm says is not 'found in a combination UV-IR filter', presumably they mean a rival make*. The firm continues to add, 'another benefit to using the UV-IR filter is that it can also reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to a greater degree than would be found with a standard UV filter. This means that sharper images with more depth and finer, richer color gradations are possible when utilizing the filter's effects in your photography. This combination filter is a convenient option for those who seek a clearer and sharper image when captured outdoors, while getting the benefits of two filters in one.'FeaturesBlocks UV Rays below 390nm
Blocks Infra-Red (IR) Rays above 700mn
Transmits only light in the visible spectrum
Helps generate higher quality images with clearer and sharper definition The range is available now, starting at £85 for the 49mm.…