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Giveaway - Mac App CameraBag 2 - Worth $23.99/£16.99

Today we have CameraBag 2 for Mac to giveaway, this app is worth $23.99/£16.99. You may recall our post yesterday where we mentionedyou could win an Canon 5D Mark III worth $3499, well that promotion is being hosted by Never Center the developers of CameraBag 2. You need to use CameraBag 2 to enter the competition so this giveaway will help you out.CameraBag 2 is a desktop photo app with a whole new approach to photos. Redesigned from the ground up, CameraBag 2's Analog Engine pairs a full suite of photographic tools with the high quality filters and vintage simulations the series is already known for. Its key innovation is a stunningly straightforward approach to layering, rearranging, and endlessly tweaking all of these effects in realtime. The 100+ fully-adjustable filters and 25+ professional controls CameraBag 2 ships with are only the beginning, forming the palette from which users create their own styles. Watch the trailer at
You can read more …

Win A Canon 5D Mk III Camera Worth $3499!

Would you like to win a Canon 5D MK III worth $3499? Yes, we thought so, we would too! Well Never Center the developers behind the the Mac and iOS app, CameraBag 2 app have launched this unique giveaway. To enter, just edit a photo in the free trial (or full version) of CameraBag 2, post it to your favorite social media or photo-sharing site, and send the link here. Submission deadline is May 22nd, 2012. (Read below for full instructions. If you don't follow the instructions, your entry won't count!) This is a sweepstake, not a photography contest; the artistic quality of your entry will not affect your chances of winning, though we'll post a gallery of some of our favorites. You can enter multiple times but Never Center only consider the most recent entry from each person. (Multiple submissions will have no effect on your odds of winning.) Must be a U.S. citizen 18 or older to enter How To Enter 1. Download a free trial version of CameraBag 2. 2. Post an image that you&#…

Nikon announces new AF-S 28mm f/1.8G

After several patents appeared online Nikon has officially revealed a new 28mm f/1.8, successor to the AI-S 28mm f/2.0 from 1981 (and a superb performer optically that was generally underrated because of the focal length). I used to have one and it was a better performer optically than either the AI-S 35mm f2.0 and even the vaunted 35mm f/1.4, which I also owned. It was left on a F2AS permanently in preference to those lenses but it couldn't matched by any other wide-angle in Nikon's range. This new model has the gold ring that once signified the use of low dispersion (ED or sometimes Super ED) glass (in tele lenses originally but that changed to include all focal lengths), unfortunately Nikon has changed their marketing strategy yet again as this lens is devoid of any such expensive glass types. It does however adopt two aspherical elements, which will help keep the size and weight down. It also boasts a single Nano Crystal Coat layer to reduce ghosting and flare while accord…

Nikon MB-12 for D800 in stock

While the bodies are taking time to show up in quantity, UK retailer WEX (formerly Warehouse Express) has the MB-12 battery grip for D800/D800E in stock at £379.00. Please click here to buy. Although the D800 body is fine for smaller, shorter focal lengths, I consider this an essential purchase for improved handling when using longer lenses - anything from 105mm and up.

Hasselblad announces updated Phocus software

Hasselblad has launched Phocus 2.6.6 * - a brand new version of its proprietary Phocus software, plus a new Phocus Mobile 2.0 format for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Phocus Mobile enables wireless camera control - and the latest 2.0 version includes a host of new features as well as access control.

Peter Stig-Nielsen, Hasselblad product management director, explained: “Many discerning photographers across the world are already familiar with the sheer power and performance of this highly intuitive software package and this spring launch of Phocus 2.6.6 and Phocus Mobile 2.0 will make their imaging work more effective. Photographers can be wirelessly linked to a computer running Phocus – and now with the new 2.6.6 version, any number of Phocus Mobile clients can connect to the Phocus server simultaneously.”

Stig-Nielsen added: “Phocus Mobile 2.0 significantly improves options for photographers to show and share their work during a shoot and also includes a 100% zoom function of images in …

Fuji X-Pro1 first impressions

We've had a Fuji X-Pro1 in for review for a few days now, in preparation for a review, and thought we would share some initial impressions. Fuji has supplied the camera with all three lenses, the 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and 60mm f/2.4 (each lens comes supplied with a hood, the 18 and 35mm come with squared hoods and caps, while the 60mm has huge (deep) circular vented affair - which I don't like but is likely very effective). Don't expect the build quality of the camera or lenses to match what the company is doing for Hasselblad right now. Fuji manufacture the lenses and viewfinder optics for the Hasselblad H4-D models, but the X-Pro1 is in a different league, in terms of build. The body is made from magnesium alloy, but it doesn't feel particularly durable in part because it feels so light. Each of the lenses are light in weight as well; there are no weighty brass helicoids, and the lens mounts are made from aluminum further adding to the impression of fragility. Howeve…

Sony NEX-7 review

Sony introduced the NEX mirrorless range early in 2010 with the intention of attracting beginners stepping up from a compact. These customers, the company suggested, had little interest in the maker’s traditional DSLR range, and would prefer the smaller, lighter and easier to use NEX models instead. While that might well be the case, adopting the same APS-C sensors as their DSLRs and with a short 18mm flange back distance, allowing the use of practically any lens with an appropriate adaptor, it’s not much of a stretch to see how those cameras might benefit professional users. While Canon and Nikon continue to push the DSLR for professional use, with the introduction of this model, Sony appear to be hedging their bets between systems.

And, it’s not a bad strategy. Indeed, the NEX-7 shares many of the same features and therefore capabilities of the Alpha SLT-A77, including the 24-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor with 1080/50p/50i/25p* video, incredible 10fps continuous shooting and remarkabl…

Canon sets sales date for EOS-1D X, 24-70mm f/2.8L II

Due to a shortage of resources we're unable to provide editorial comment but provide these press releases for the benefit of our readers. Please do not copy, this material remains the property of the copyright holder. Press release:Updated sales start dates for the EOS-1D X and EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 12th April 2012 – Canon would like to advise of an updated sales start dates for the previously announced EOS-1D X and EF 24-70mm F2.8L II USM lens, due to a delay to the start of mass production. The EOS-1D X will now be available to buy from mid-June 2012, and the EF 24-70mm F2.8L II USM lens from early-July. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers.

Canon set to expand Cinema lens range

Due to a shortage of resources we're unable to provide editorial comment but provide these press releases for the benefit of our readers. Please do not copy, this material is copyrighted. Press Release:Canon to expand EF Cinema Lens series with four compact, lighter, low-cost 4k models United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 12th April 2012 – Canon today announces the development of four new digital cinematography zoom lenses, as the company expands its EF Cinema Lens range to provide greater creative options for video professionals. Joining the seven high-end lenses announced in 2011, the new models support 4K (4,096 x 2,160) resolutions and will be smaller, lighter and more compact – offering outstanding mobility and quality. Available with both EF and PL mounts, the lenses will also be available at competitive prices, offering premium performance to a wider range of users. The expanded EF Cinema Lens series will include two wide-angle cinema zoom lenses, the CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 L S

Canon announces new EOS-1D C DSLR

Due to a shortage of resources we're unable to provide editorial comment but provide these press releases for the benefit of our readers. Please do not copy, this material is copyrighted. Press Release:United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 12th April 2012 – Canon today announces the introduction of the new EOS-1D C, a digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera targeting the motion picture, television and high-resolution production industries. Delivering outstanding video quality, advanced low light performance and film-like dynamic range, the compact and lightweight EOS-1D C supports in-camera 4K (4,096 x 2,160) video recording with 4:2:2 colour sampling, offering greater creative freedom for video professionals. The first SLR camera of its kind, the EOS-1D C offers a unique and highly portable package optimised for high-quality video recording. Advanced creative flexibility is provided with support for a range of resolutions and variable frame rates. 4K video is recorded using 8-bit M…

Nikon confirm interchangeable focusing screens on D800 DSLR

UPDATE 8/23/12 - Apparently, this is a service modification only - please discuss the option with your local Nikon service centre.Nikon UK has just confirmed to the DJP that the 36MP Nikon D800* has interchangeable focusing screens. While some controversy surrounds Canon's decision not to include interchangeable focusing screens on the new Canon EOS 5D Mk III, the option, either for OEM or replacement screens, is considered essential for precise focusing with MF lenses such as those from Carl Zeiss. Nikon users with older manual focus AIS lenses will also be able to benefit. If only Nikon would just re-introduce the folding AI meter coupling lever from the 35mm F3/F4 models then the majority of Nikon lenses dating back to 1959 could be used.(*and presumably the D800E, though that's not confirmed at this time). Related PostsLens choice for the Nikon D800, D800ENikon issues statement over D800, D4 price hike

Olympus to reduce camera range

According to sources in Japan, Olympus plan to reduce their camera range in the face of the investment loss scandal which has rocked the camera and medical instrument maker. Reports say the despite proposals by rivals, including Fujifilm and Sony, the company is considering plans to restructure alone possibly dropping their compact camera business and concentrating on their more profitable lines; the micro four thirds PEN series cameras and lenses. Last year Olympus was shaken by an investment loss scandal hiding 118 billion Yen dating back to the 1990s.

Canon EOS-1D X shipping delayed

Although there has not been official confirmation from the camera maker, the Canon EOS-1D X is not expected to start shipping till the end of June or early July, sources said. The delay is believed to be due to an 'issue' with an dedicated accessory, most likely the WFT-E6A file transmitter, or the GPS receiver GP-E1 . Related PostsCanon Japan openly discuss EOS-1D X design choices

Pro lab Loxley Colour announces ecommerce solution via US site SmugMug

Working photographers in the UK can now take advantage of the popular US based SmugMug photo-site while offering clients online print services here in the UK via Glasgow-based Loxely Colour. The new SmugMug and Loxley Colour service is live now.Chris MacAskill, Co-founder and president of Smugmug said: “Most photographers want to focus on their creativity. They are mainly time-poor and have little interest in the challenges of setting up and managing their online presence, or fulfilling orders for high quality prints. But they still want to capitalise on their creativity – and that is where SmugMug and Loxley Colour enter the frame. We have created a seamless solution whereby photographers, across the full range of photo-disciplines, can easily showcase, market, sell and deliver their work to their clients.”SmugMug Pro subscriptions start from around £13 a month or £94 a year – and the new service guarantees zero ads and spam, 365 days, a year customer support, easy SEO and site sta…

Nikon Manual Viewer app available to download

Not news exactly, but no less interesting for that, Nikon Corporation has an app for iOS devices allowing users to download Nikon digital camera manuals for viewing offline. Most photographers I know download manuals in pdf and import them via iTunes or Dropbox, but hopefully Nikon will address the relative shortage of camera manuals available and eventually include those for accessories (such as the MC-36) and lenses (especially PC-E, teleconverters, and extension tubes - even though the latter haven't been updated since the 80s).In the meantime, you can download the app from here.

Think Tank Photo announces four accessory wallets

Think Tank Photo are pre-announcing four new photo accessory wallets for DSLR batteries, SD cards, and gels (correction filters). The four wallets will be available in May, with prices starting from $9.50 up to $16.60. Think Tank Photo to Release DSLR Battery HoldersSanta Rosa, Calif. – The number one sin in photography is running out of power. To help prevent that from happening, in May, Think Tank Photo will release the DSLR Battery Holder 2 and the DSLR Battery Holder 4. These slim, collapsible, compact designs secure two or four standard size camera batteries.
Features include:
•    Compact carrier for two or four standard DSLR batteries.
•    Compress flat when not in use, easily stored.
•    Hook and loop closure with top fold design.SpecificationsDSLR Battery Holder 2
External Dimensions: 3.9” W x 3” H x 0.4” D (10 x 7.5 x 1 cm)
Weight: 0.02lbs (0.01kg)For more information, please follow the link here.DSLR Battery Holder 4
External Dimensions: 7.1” W x 3” H x 0.4” D (18 x 7.5 x 1 c…

Canon announces EOS 60Da DSLR for astrophotography

Canon has announced a new DSLR aimed at astrophotography. The new EOS 60Da features a new modified IR blocking filter that offers three times more Há light through to the sensor than the standard EOS 60D, on which it's based. The EOS 60Da is available from June 2012, priced at $1,499 / £1,174.99 / EUR 1,399.00 RRP incl. VAT. The Canon EOS 60Da is avialble to pre-order from Adorama at $1,499. Press Release Looking at the stars – Canon unveils the EOS 60Da United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 3rd April 2012 – Canon today expands the EOS series with the launch of the EOS 60Da – a high resolution Digital SLR (DSLR) designed for astrophotography. Based on the specifications of the EOS 60D and succeeding the EOS 20Da, the EOS 60Da is designed to capture rich red colours produced by emission nebulae, with a modified low pass filter that makes it more sensitive to hydrogen-alpha (Há) wavelengths of light. The EOS 60Da is ideal for shooting astronomical phenomena such as diffuse nebulae – a…

Nikon D800 in stock at,

UPDATE: That didn't last long, when adding to the basket it says they're 'no longer available'.Guernsey based dealer play.comhas the eagerly-awaited Nikon D800in stock at £2,599.99(including free delivery). Please click any of the preceding links to buy or click hereto buy (you'll have to follow the links, as there's no direct buy button from the Nikon D800 page).Download the D800 instruction manual, here. Related PostsNikon D800 in stock at,