New Gitzo Systematic tripods available


UK dealer and affiliate Wex Photographic has a few of the new Gitzo Systematic models in stock with others showing as pre-orders. Please use this link to buy. Please also refer to this link to confirm the new models (the link opens in a new window)- as the models names are confusingly similar with the older types. The popular GT3541XLS, for instance, is now called the GT3542XLS. If the last number ends in '1', it's the older design, if it's '2' then you can be pretty sure it's the improved design (but please use this link to Gitzo to confirm).

We've had the new super compact (five section), carbon-fibre 4-series Traveller Systematic GT4552TS in for a few days and can say the new body design is a massive improvement on the previous (and well-liked) design. The Traveller Systematic is a new compact model which is ideal for travel photography as when closed measures just 48.5cm / 19 inches and weighs 2.15kg / 4.74lbs.

US readers can buy from Adorama Camera (but again please note new and old models are listed - be sure to check against this link for the new model designations).

Search B&H Photo Video
Search Amazon US (they have limited stock of popular models)

Thank you for buying through this site's links.


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