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With Canon's release Tuesday of the underwhelming EOS-1DX, the proposed replacement for both the EOS1D and EOS-1Ds, Hasselblad has decided to 'reach out' and remind studio shooters that there are more suitable cameras available. Priced at £8,995 (exVAT), the H4D-31 features a 31-million pixel sensor capable of outputting a 8-bit 93MB file without interpolation, but also boasts interchangeable 'heads', the unique and clever True Focus AF technology and a top-drawer 80mm f/2.8 lens (with built-in leaf shutter).

Press release:

Hasselblad reaches out to high-end DSLR users with groundbreaking H4D-31 camera

Hasselblad’s landmark launch of an entry-level medium format camera system
that competes directly on price with high-end 35mm DSLRs is paying off.

Launched earlier this year at £8,995 (ex VAT) the new H4D-31, complete with body, 31 megapixel back and an 80mm lens, ships with all the functionality of the Hasselblad H4 range.

Chris Russell-Fish, UK MD and global sales and marketing director said: “We are delighted with the first few months of trading with this new model. The H4D-31 has been made available at an extremely aggressive price point.
We are looking to attract those 35 mm DSLR users who aspire to highest quality medium format imagery with all the advantages and benefits of Hasselblad, but possibly couldn’t afford it. Until now.
We believe professionals and semi-pros alike will see a highly compelling argument for making the switch. The new medium format, entry-level H4D-31 features and price tag will afford people a very different perception about Hasselblad products in today’s world.”

He added: “This new model comes with all the H4 range functionality, including our pioneering True Focus technology and world-beating Phocus software. This is the camera that opens up our market space. Additionally Hasselblad V system camera users have an option to move completely to an integrated camera, enabling the use of their ‘V’ lenses. – rather than investing in a digital back.”

Hasselblad says the H4D-31 offers ‘an unsurpassed level of image quality’ with advanced controls, integrated sensor cooling, intuitive user interface and a new 3” display.

Technical features of the new H4D-31 include:
31 million pixel sensor (4872 x6496 pixels)
Image size: RAW 3FR capture 40 MB on average. TIFF 8 bit: 93MB
Lenses: Hasselblad HC/HCD lens line with integral central lens shutter:
Shutter speed range: 32 seconds to 1/800 second
ISO speed range: ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600
Capture rate: 1.2 seconds per capture.
Software: Phocus for Mac and Windows
Viewfinder options: HVD 90x: 90º eye-level viewfinder w. Diopter adjustment (-5 to +3.5D) image magnification 3.1 times.
Colour definition: 16 bit

For more information and a test drive visit www.handsonahasselblad.com

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