Carl Zeiss to offer UV and Polarizer filters in 77mm


Carl Zeiss is to add 77mm diameter circular polarizer and UV filters to their existing range. The company will also add 52 mm, 55 mm and 62 mm sizes in September with 43 mm and 46 mm as UV filters and 95mm in both types in January 2012. There are no prices available at the time of posting.

UPDATE: Like the maker's range of lenses for DSLRs these filters are made for Carl Zeiss, but they're not made by Cosina in this instance (or was it even likely), but by a well-known filter maker with "years of experience", according to my contact at Zeiss? That'll be either B+W or perhaps Heliopan, though the filters won't simply be re-branded but made to CZ's standards. One particularly attractive feature for many potential purchasers will be the T* coating, as it's known as being the best in the business.

Buy from Adorama Camera (they're only showing UV filters presently).


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