Sonnet roll out ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt adapter Echo


Sonnet Technologies has announced a new ExpressCard/34 adapter based on Thunderbolt, the new connection standard (with transfer speeds quoted up to 10Gb/s) and adopted by the current range of Apple computers. The new adapter supports 5Gb/s PCIe based SDXC/CF, eSATA even USB3.0 ExpressCard/34 adapters, hence the name Echo. It is expected to ship at the end of October at a suggested retail price of $149.95, however, a Thunderbolt cable is required at extra cost (available at the Apple Store).


Sonnet Adapter Expands the Capabilities of
Thunderbolt™ Technology-Enabled Computers


Sonnet's Echo™ ExpressCard®/34 Thunderbolt™ Adapter Enables
ExpressCard/34 Cards to Connect With Computers Via Thunderbolt Ports


IRVINE, CA—August 25, 2011—Sonnet Technologies today announced the Echo™ ExpressCard®/34 Thunderbolt™ Adapter, which enables the use of many Sonnet ExpressCard/34 adapters with computers equipped with a Thunderbolt port, including the latest Apple® iMac®, Mac® mini, MacBook® Air, and MacBook Pro models. ExpressCard/34 adapters, originally intended for use with notebook computers, offer users additional connectivity and functionality beyond what’s available through their computers’ stock configuration. This Sonnet adapter supports most PCIe-based Sonnet professional ExpressCard/34 adapters, and specialty adapters from other manufacturers. Sonnet expects other manufacturer’s ExpressCard/34 products to become compatible as their drivers are updated to be Thunderbolt technology-aware.

Developed by Intel® and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt technology supports high-performance data services and high-resolution displays through a single, compact port. The Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter supports PCI Express® 2.0 technology with 5 Gbps throughput in both directions. The Sonnet adapter connects directly to a computer, or at the end of a Thunderbolt device chain with a Thunderbolt cable (available at the Apple Store).

“The Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter gives users tremendous flexibility to connect a wide range of peripheral devices through the Thunderbolt port on their computers. In a single Thunderbolt Adapter they gain the potential to add connectivity to their computer, whether increasing the number of ports, incorporating new interfaces, or simply using devices they couldn’t have otherwise been able to connect through a Thunderbolt port” said Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies. “Support for hot plugging and swapping of ExpressCard/34 cards gives them the flexibility to change interfaces and devices when needed.”

“Sonnet’s ExpressCard Thunderbolt adapter delivers great performance and flexibility”, says Jason Ziller, Intel’s director of Thunderbolt Marketing, “End-users will now be able to extend the capabilities of their computers like never before.”
The Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter supports Sonnet ExpressCard adapters ranging from CompactFlash™ and SDXC™ UHS-I Card readers to FireWire® 800, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and select eSATA adapters. It also supports ExpressCard adapters supplied with specialty devices like Sonnet’s new line of Qio™ professional media readers, and the AJA® io Express.

The Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter (part number ECHO-E34) is compatible with all Apple computers with Thunderbolt ports running Mac OS® X. It is expected to be available at the end of October at a suggested retail price of $149.95.

More information on the Transposer is available at Sonnet’s Website;


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