Phase One updates Media Pro


Phase One has issued an update to Media Pro, the image browser and photo manager recently acquired from Microsoft and known as Expression Media (and iView Media Pro before that). The update fixes a number of bugs and is free to existing Phase One Media Pro customers.


Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.0.1

COPENHAGEN, July 7, 2011 — Phase One today released Media Pro 1.0.1, a service release, and the first update since Media Pro was introduced less than two months ago.

Media Pro is a professional photo manager for finding, organizing, and sharing images and videos wherever those files are stored. Media Pro supports photo and video files from more than 100 different cameras and is built to manage large photo libraries.

This service release includes several fixes and improvements, such as the following:

-- Fixed stability issues including crash when working with large JPEGs in Slideshow and on the Light Table;
-- Fixed Renderings bugs, including no full resolution TIFFs on Mac and missing PDF thumbnails on Windows XP;
-- Fixed a issue where a catalog upgraded from Expression Media 2 could not be saved;
-- Fixed a bug causing XMP sidecars not to be moved with the media files to which they belong;
-- Fixed importer issues e.g. crash on Mac when XMP sidecars were present and problem when importing JPEGs on Window XP 32 bits;
-- Fixed a bug on Windows where sorting would not work;
-- Fixed readability issues caused by new UI color scheme;
-- Fixed a bug preventing XML data files to be created on Windows;
-- Fixed some EIP color management/rendering issues on Mac;
-- License issue on Windows appearing when Internet connection was lost.

Availability and Pricing
Media Pro 1.0.1 is free to existing Phase One Media Pro customers. For more information including product features, upgrade options and tutorials, please see:


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