Fujifilm to add interchangeable lens camera to range


In an interview with Reuters news agency, Takeshi Higuchi, head of Fujifilm's camera division, is quoted as saying they're considering the addition of a mirrorless camera adopting both an EVF and interchangeable lenses to rival the Sony NEX cameras.

The senior executive also adds that Fujifilm would not look to out-source production, being able to produce the camera and lenses entirely in-house.

A wholly owned subsidiary, Fujinon, builds lenses for Fujifilm stills and video cameras. Fujinon also builds the lenses for the current range of Hasselblad digital cameras.

Higuichi adds that production will take place outside of China, though he says it's not likely to be in Japan, where the hugely popular X100 is made (shown above), and was subsequently delayed due to the triple tragedy earlier in the year.

The company is looking to overtake rivals, Samsung and Nikon, to become the world's fourth largest camera maker by March next year, he adds.

Source Reuters.


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