Daily App Giveaway - Snapseed for iPad - On Our Sister Site - TheAppWhisperer.com

Theappwhisperer.com is an awesome site for all your mobile photographic app needs. Each day they have an app giveaway and today they have Snapseed for iPad codes to giveaway. Don't miss this opportunity, head over to our sister site, here and pick up this app today.

Snapseed for iPad has been number 1 in the photography charts for weeks now, and that's not surprising. This latest version of Snapseed supports RAW images transferred with the Camera Connector Kit up to 16 MP (for iPad 2). It also preserves EXIF data on saving, has visual enhancements, performance optimizations and various bug fixes and interaction tweaks.

What type of files does Snapseed Support?


JPEG, TIFF, and RAW files are compatible with Snapseed. RAW files are supported when images are transferred from the camera to the iPad using a camera connector kit.

In Snapseed, what resolution are my photos saved as?


Any photos enhanced with Snapseed will be saved at the same resolution as the original photo up to what your iPad will allow. An iPad 1 can save an image up to 6.25 megapixels and an iPad 2 can save an image up to 16 megapixels. If your image is larger then your iPad supports, the image will be downsampled to the maximum supported megapixels.



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