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JP to distribute Micromuff worldwide

JP Distribution has announced it will be the worldwide distributor for Micromuff, a tiny windshield designed for camera mics. It attaches via die-cut velcro rings and retails for £12.95 plus shipping (£1.50 UK, £2.75 Europe, £4.95 outside Europe). Please see below for more details. JP To Distribute Micromuff
JP Distribution is pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing portfolio.Designed by filmmaker and designer Will Hutchinson, Micromuff is an accessory which improves the sound quality of exterior video recordings. Compatible with most video capable DSLR's, the Micromuff attaches directly to the camera body, to dramatically reduce the effect of wind noise. "Even the tiniest amount of breeze is capable of destroying a sound recording with distortion and audio clipping". says Will. "This affordable little accessory works incredibly well at solving the problem". Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Micromuff is made using high quality acoustic fur…

Robert White Nikon specials, ex-demo

Robert White has the hard to find Nikkor 200mm f/2 VR (first version, I think) available as ex-demo for just £2,225 plus VAT:

Nikon Special Offers - LIMITED STOCKS
Prices valid on in stock items ONLY
24mm f1.4 AFS G £1325.00 plus VAT
35mm f1.4 AFS G £1161.00 plus VAT
50mm f1.4 AFS G £245.00 plus VAT
85mm f1.4 AFS G £1010.00 plus VAT

X-Rite announces new monthly photo contest

X-Rite has recently announced a new monthly photo contest called ‘Color Perfectionists Unite’, with the winners taking away either a ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro or a ColorChecker Passport. The contest is themed and starts this month and will be judged by well-known professional photographers. Please see below for more details. We will be publishing reviews on the new i1 Display Pro and ColorMunki Display in the coming weeks.Press release: X-Rite Announces “Color Perfectionists Unite” Photography Contest

Photo contest features monthly themes and fantastic prizes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 25, 2011 X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, announces today the Color Perfectionists Unite Photo Contest. Photographers and anyone passionate about perfecting color is invited to submit original photos based on each monthly theme through the end of 2011.

Monthly winners will be selected by a top professional photographer specializ…

Olympus announce VF-3 for Pen series

Olympus has announced today the VF-3 electronic viewfinder for the popular Micro Four Thirds Pen series. Although I've not seen it I have an E-P3 on my desk with the VF-2 attached and the new finder looks to have a lower (smaller) profile. As can be seen from the images below, there's a large diopter control, but a new feature is the addition of a hotshoe lock to prevent inadvertent detachment. There's no word on resolution, but it will retail for $236 (as a rate conversion) / £179.99 / 204 Euros inc VAT from mid-August. PRESS INFORMATIONOlympus PEN family gets new electronic viewfinder High power, high res - VF-3 viewfinder enhances new PEN camera range London, 27 July 2011 – Olympus has launched a new high-resolution electronic viewfinder
to boost the imaging power of its stylish PEN Micro Four Thirds cameras – the new PEN
(E-P3), PEN Lite (E-PL3) and PEN mini (E-PM1). The VF-3 offers a 100% field of view and
more than four times the resolution of rival electronic viewfin…

Olympus Updates Firmware For 14-42mm and 14-150mm lenses, outs Studio 2 version 1.2 for EP-3

Olympus Japan has updated the firmware for both the 14-42mm and 14-150mm lenses, enabling faster focus on the recently released Olympus EP-3. Olympus has also updated Studio 2 to version 1.2 allowing conversion of E-P3 raw files.

PhaseOne announce PODAS for UK

PhaseOne the maker of high-end digital backs and the developer behind the excellent raw workflow software CaptureOne has announced the first PODAS (Phase One Digital Artist Series) in the UK. The fashion and portrait photography workshop will be held over the 10-14 September at Weston Park manor house in the UK and will feature UK photographers Drew Gardner and Natalie Dybisz “Miss Aniela” as the instructors. The three-day event is limited to just 16 places but the price has still to be confirmed. Phase One Digital Artist Series (PODAS) Workshop
Focuses on Fashion and Portrait Photography

The Ultimate Model Shoot Will Be Held at Elegant UK Manor House COPENHAGEN, July 21, 2011 — Today, Phase One announced that its first PODAS fashion and portrait photography workshop will be held at the luxurious manor house, Weston Park, UK during September, 2011. This is a truly unique event. Only PODAS workshops offer participants the full use of a Phase One IQ series camera for the duration of the c…

AP photographer Matt Dunham wins first prize in the royalty and entertainment section of the Press Photographer's Year 2011

This image is property of AP Associated Press (AP) photographer Matt Dunham has won the first prize in the royalty and entertainment section of the Press Photographer’s Year Award 2011 for his impromptu image of HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall when their car was attacked and damaged by demonstrators in the heart of London late last year. Dunham’s winning photo is currently on display in an exhibition at the National Theatre, London. The exhibition is free to visitors.Press release: Famous Charles and Camilla picture earns Associated Press photographer a Press Photographer’s Year for 2011 prize

LONDON - Associated Press (AP) photographer Matt Dunham has won first prize in the royalty and entertainment section of the Press Photographer’s Year Award for his famous Charles and Camilla picture, taken as the royal couple got caught up in demonstrations on their way to the theatre in central London. HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s car was surrounded by crowds as…

Leica adds Hasselblad V, M645 and P67 adapters

Leica has announced three adapters for the S2 medium format camera allowing the fitment of Hasselblad V (Carl Zeiss), Mamiya 645 and Pentax 67 lenses. The adapters will be available from August at a price of £525 inc VAT. The introduction of lens adapters should help prevent detractors pointing out the lack of Leica S lenses for the S2. Although more are planned there are only four in the range at this time: 35/2.5, 70/2.5, 120/2.5 Macro and a 180/3.5. Press release:Leica Camera AG expands lens compatibility for Leica S-System

Leica S-Adapters increase flexibility of S2, enabling use of other manufacturers’ medium-format lenses

15 July 2011:  Leica is expanding its range of accessories for the Leica S2 professional camera system. From August 2011, three new Leica S-Adapters will be available, allowing photographers to attach medium-format lenses from other manufacturers to Leica S bodies. The Leica S-Adapter V can be used for Hasselblad V System lenses, the Leica S-Adapter P67 for the Pe…

Video Reviews And Tutorials Of Apps At

If you haven't checked out our sister site, yet then you're missing out. It's the best place to keep informed on all the latest mobile apps on all platforms. The vast majority of these apps are photography apps too, which is of course a bonus.If you head over there today, you will see that they have set up a new section for video reviews and tutorials of apps. These are professionally produced licensed videos, if you're an app developer why not drop them a line, they have some great deals on at the moment.Check out an example video review below... then head straight to this page to find out more.

Red accepting orders for EPIC-M

RED Digital Cinema, the company behind RED One and EPIC movie cameras has announced they're taking immediate orders for the EPIC-M packages A deposit of $5,800 is required, however and that's just 10-per-cent. The total price is an epic $58,000, and lenses are extra. Supply is limited and these are still pre-production bodies requiring firmware upgrades for some additional features. EPIC-M package includes:EPIC-M Brain with titanium PL mount
Bomb EVF
5" Touchscreen LCD
DSMC Side Handle
DSMC Side SSD Module
4x 128GB SSD cards
4x REDVolt batteries and travel charger
Custom laser-cut foam EPIC Pelican 1510 case
2 years of warranty coveragePlease see here for more details and to place a deposit.

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Tamron launch new claim back promo

Tamron UK start a new claim-back promotion tommorrow (July 15), customers purchasing the new Tamron 18-270mmf/3.5-6.3 PZD zoom lens can claim a pair of super compact Steiner Safari 8x22 binoculars - worth £99!The promotion starts 15th July through 15th September 2011. Claims must be received by the distributor (Intro 2020) on or before 30th September 2011, but the lens must be purchased from an autthorised Tamron stockist in the UK or Eire to qualify.Please see here for stockist details. PRESS RELEASEThe Ultimate Photo Travel Lens promotion
Tamron 18-270mm PZD - the world’s lightest, most compact 15x DSLR Zoom Lens
Tamron travel promotion starts 15th JulyOn 15th July Tamron launch a new claim back promotion: Customers purchasing a new Tamron
18-270mm PZD lens can claim a superb pair of Steiner Safari 8x22 binoculars - worth £99!Why a pair of binoculars you ask? The 18-270mm PZD lens is the ideal travel lens, couple this with the Steiner 8x22 Safari binoculars and you have an ideal travel …

Pentax special edition 645D updated new pictures

Following yesterday's surprise announcement of the special edition 645D, we've added a couple more images from the company's PR agency, please see here for the original post.

Pentax announce special edition 645D

Pentax has announced the availability of a specially lacquered version of the 645D to celebrate being named “Camera GP Japan 2011 Camera of The Year”.The hand-crafted lacquer or urushi finish involves pasting many different types of silver leaves on a black-lacquer base and applying an overcoat of paint in a 'rich Bordeaux-wine tone'. The special finish has been developed by Sakamoto Urushi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, and is said to increase the camera's durability. As a result of the process, no two cameras will be the same, making them a unique possession, the company adds. The camera's specification remains unaltered from the standard version but there's no word on the intended price.Orders will be taken from July 20 through September 20, 2011. Delivery will take four months from the receipt of order.More information, including a list of stockists can be found at

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Leica Store Robbed - Breaking News

We're all desperate to get our hands on Lecia gear but not many of us would go as far as two apparent masked men in Lenin, Moscow. They scrapped the metal shutters, whacked the glass door down with a sledgehammers and broke into the store located in Leninsky Prospekt. Within fifteen minutes they had trashed the place but from the images below looks like they didn't have time to lift them all.We have serial numbers of the cameras and lenses stolen below, if you're offered any please check against these numbers and contact Leica about it here. The Serial Numbers 1. Objects Leica Elmar 18/3.8 ASPH., S / N 4084590
2. Leica Pro Set c 3 lens (35 / 1.4, 70-180/2.8, 35-70/2.8) _Leica, S / N 2927341 _Obektiv APO-Elmarit 70-180mm / f 2.8, S / N 03905538 _Obektiv Vario-Elmarit 35-70mm / f 2.8, S / N 3419566 _Obektiv Summilux 35mm / f 1.4
3. Digital Camera Leica (color - black), S / N 3104330
4. Digital Camera Leica (color - white), S / N 3111065
5. Lens Leica Summicron R jm, 90mm / f…

Video - How To Manufacturer A Leica Lens - By Leica

1001 Noisy Cameras have sourced a great video from the official Leica blog. It is just over a minute and a half and talks through the manufacturing lifecycle of a Leica lens - or as much as they can say in that short time, at least. For all you Lecia fans out there, and we're one of them - this is for you. Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo.

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Image is an awesome site for all your mobile photographic app needs. Each day they have an app giveaway and today they have Snapseed for iPad codes to giveaway. Don't miss this opportunity, head over to our sister site, here and pick up this app today.Snapseed for iPad has been number 1 in the photography charts for weeks now, and that's not surprising. This latest version of Snapseed supports RAW images transferred with the Camera Connector Kit up to 16 MP (for iPad 2). It also preserves EXIF data on saving, has visual enhancements, performance optimizations and various bug fixes and interaction tweaks. What type of files does Snapseed Support? JPEG, TIFF, and RAW files are compatible with Snapseed. RAW files are supported when images are transferred from the camera to the iPad using a camera connector kit. In Snapseed, what resolution are my photos saved as? Any photos enhanced with Snapseed will be saved at the same resolution as the original photo up to wha…

Nikon adds 40mm f/2.8G to DX range

Nikon has introduced a new 40mm (60mm equivalent) f/2.8 macro lens for their DX range of DSLRs. It focuses down to 16cm at 1:1 without the need for additional extension tubes and boasts a built-in SWM AF motor. It's supplied with a hood, and soft case and will retail at £249.99 / 290 Euros. According to Nikon, sales start in the UK from 25th August.

Press release:
RRP: £249.99 / Euro 290
Sales Start Date: 25th August 2011

London, UK, 12th July 2011: Nikon today announces a new 40mm DX-format macro lens for close-up photography. Designed to capture fine details, it boasts a 1:1 reproduction ratio for superb, life-like images. A fantastic way to shoot features that can’t be seen with the naked eye, this lens will more than satisfy enthusiasts keen to explore the power of close-up images.

Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager Lenses, Accessories & Software, Nikon Europe commented: “This specialised macro lens lets you capture intricate details that are impossible to capture with a regular k…

Kenko-Tokina buys Cokin Filters

Kenko-Tokina, the Japan based lens and filter manufacturer confirmed earlier in the week (5 July) that it has acquired Cokin, the French filter manufacturer. The new company will be called COKIN France S.A.S.U. and will stay independent, with its own manufacturing, marketing and worldwide distribution network.Press release: KENKO-TOKINA acquires COKIN FiltersPARIS — July 5, 2011Kenko-Tokina Company Ltd., Japan today announced that it has acquired the famous French filter manufacturer COKIN SAS.COKIN is the creator and leader in Square filters systems, exporting 90% of its production to more than 100 countries around the world.Mr Toru Yamanaka (President of Kenko-Tokina Co., Ltd.) said:
“I have always been impressed with the creativity that COKIN filters and accessories offer. I admire and greatly respect the professionalism of this line of fine products which reflect the French ingenuity. We are very proud to add this filter manufacturer to our Team.”Kenko-Tokina Co., Ltd. was establis…

Arca Swiss announce mini L-bracket

PRESS RELEASEARCA-SWISS presents the first X and Y variable mini L-bracket adaptable for compact cameras.The new mini L-bracket from Arca-Swiss complements the monoball®Fix lineup perfectly and is compatible with the current monoball®Fix quick releases.The mini L-bracket works with the range of compact cameras such as the Olym- pus E-PL1 and E-PL2, Samsung NX-100, Canon G series, and Lumix LX series.Furthermore, the latest smaller DSLRʼs from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, and the Leica M8/M9 cameras, will now have an L-bracket more in line with the physical size of these cameras.Along with the currently available monoball®Classic and monoball®Fix accesso- ries, the mini L-bracket extends the versatility of the line. It is the answer from Arca-Swiss for the specific needs of compact camera users. Please help support the DJP by visiting our affiliates; Jessops, Warehouse Express, Adorama Camera and Amazon. Note; sales through these links may benefit this site.

Phase One updates Media Pro

Phase One has issued an update to Media Pro, the image browser and photo manager recently acquired from Microsoft and known as Expression Media (and iView Media Pro before that). The update fixes a number of bugs and is free to existing Phase One Media Pro customers. Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.0.1COPENHAGEN, July 7, 2011 — Phase One today released Media Pro 1.0.1, a service release, and the first update since Media Pro was introduced less than two months ago.Media Pro is a professional photo manager for finding, organizing, and sharing images and videos wherever those files are stored. Media Pro supports photo and video files from more than 100 different cameras and is built to manage large photo libraries. This service release includes several fixes and improvements, such as the following: -- Fixed stability issues including crash when working with large JPEGs in Slideshow and on the Light Table;
-- Fixed Renderings bugs, including no full resolution TIFFs on Mac and missing PDF th…

Fujifilm to add interchangeable lens camera to range

In an interview with Reuters news agency, Takeshi Higuchi, head of Fujifilm's camera division, is quoted as saying they're considering the addition of a mirrorless camera adopting both an EVF and interchangeable lenses to rival the Sony NEX cameras. The senior executive also adds that Fujifilm would not look to out-source production, being able to produce the camera and lenses entirely in-house. A wholly owned subsidiary, Fujinon, builds lenses for Fujifilm stills and video cameras. Fujinon also builds the lenses for the current range of Hasselblad digital cameras. Higuichi adds that production will take place outside of China, though he says it's not likely to be in Japan, where the hugely popular X100 is made (shown above), and was subsequently delayed due to the triple tragedy earlier in the year. The company is looking to overtake rivals, Samsung and Nikon, to become the world's fourth largest camera maker by March next year, he adds. Source Reuters.

Olympus PEN E-P3 and 12mm f/2.0 samples

We hope to have a the new Olympus 12mm f/2.0 in for a more formal review, but in the meantime we've posted some sample shots for our time with one at the European press launch in Vienna.

Even from our limited time with the lens it's easy to see from the results that this is highest performing lens yet from Olympus for their PEN series. All our sample shots were taken with a PEN EP-3 (there were none of the other cameras announced available at the time), but the E-P3 is the current top-of-line camera and uses the latest (TruePic VI) processor.

Most improvements in image quality lately have been made through advances in processing rather than new sensor technology. A fact perhaps underlined by the insistence of Olympus to stay with the 12-megapixel LMOS chip. However, the faster readout from the sensor has brought about a dramatic increase in AF speed.

Not only is this noticeable with the updated 14-42mm kit lens (both MSC variants) but with the completely new 12mm f/2.0 (24m…