Lowepro intro ILC Classic range

Camera bag maker Lowepro has introduced two bags in the new ILC Classic range and are purpose built to fit, protect and carry a variety of compact interchangeable lens (ILC), micro four-thirds and mirrorless cameras in a classic and lightweight design. We've no word as yet on pricing and availability.

Press release:

Lowepro announces the launch of a new shoulder bag series the ILC Classic; purpose built to address the growing number of photographers with compact interchangeable lens cameras.


As the world’s leading brand of protective gear for photography equipment Lowepro’s design team has introduced a classic, protective and lightweight ILC Classic series specifically designed to be affordable, convenient, well-constructed and attractive.
Tim Sadler, Category Manager for Lowepro, said: “We’ve seen camera enthusiasts eagerly respond to the new breed of compact interchangeable lens cameras, now we’re responding with a purpose-built design that fits and protects their hardware and their style.”
The ILC Classic shoulder bags are compact and streamlined in shape. Each size is crafted from classic black fabrics that resist moisture and abrasion and both sizes are finished with leather detail.
Lowepro’s fully padded and protective interior construction with soft, brushed lining helps safeguard lenses and LCD screens from dust and scratches. Extra features include a front storage pocket, SlipLock attachments, sturdy metal hardware and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.
The ILC Classic 50 fits a compact camera with its attached kit lens and a spare memory card. The ILC Classic 100 fits the camera with lens, plus an additional lens and flash and two extra memory cards.
Both shoulder bags are available in Black. For more information about the ILC Classic series and other products, please visit here.



Interior: 7.5 x 9.5 x 15cm
Fits:Compact interchangeable lens (ILC), micro four-thirds or mirrorless camera (with attached 14-45mm lens); memory card.
Interior: 17 x 9.5 x 12cm
Fits: Compact interchangeable lens (ILC), micro four-thirds or mirrorless camera (with attached 14-45mm lens); extra lens and flash; 2 memory cards.


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