Fuji resume X100 production


Fujifilm halted production of the highly anticipated X100 compact after the Tohuku disaster on March 11. The company has a production line for the X100 located in Yamato, Miyagi Prefecture, close to the area of the destruction. But despite fleeting supplies of water and electricity from the imposed rolling blackouts, Fujifilm has confirmed that X100 production will go ahead. Whether that is in the same plant or outsourced using some of the equipment rescued from the production line, as some pundits have claimed, isn't clear at this time.

Press release (auto-translation)


Digital camera "FinePix X100" Notice of resuming shipments

March 28, 2011
FUJIFILM Corporation

March 11, 2011 (Friday) by the earthquake that occurred off the northeastern Pacific Ocean "FinePix X100" production plant (Yamato Town, Kurokawa-gun Miyagi) but have always suffered from the earthquake to cease operations for one o'clock Orimashi This time the production line can be recovered or will contact you, so now more likely to be sold in early April.
We will notify us so that we ship to customers starting in Itadai reservation.

To our customers, we keep pace with production from first launched, it will be delivered very late, I apologize.

Original text:

デジタルカメラ「FinePix X100」出荷再開のお知らせ
2011311日(金)に発生した東北地方太平洋沖地震により「FinePix X100」の生産工場(宮城県黒川郡大和町)におきましても震災の被害を受け、一時操業を停止しておりましたがこのたび生産ラインが復旧でき、4月上旬より販売できる見通しとなりましたのでご連絡いたします。

More information about the camera can be found at the special X100 site here.

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