Earth Periodical - New Digital iPad Magazine Launched Today - It's Free - For A Limited Time

Written by a team of professional journalists and photographers passionate about both still and video photography, EP is must-download for any photographer needing a fix of beautiful shots to inspire them to get out with their camera.


Nature kit reviews


Every issue features a round-up of the types of kit that photographers love: in the first issue we check out handheld GPS units for finding your way in the wilderness. In issue two we’ll be checking out some of the best lenses to use - at budgets from practically nothing to the price of a sports car - to capture the ideal shot.

Get shooting!


Earth Periodical wants to tap the enthusiasm and dedication of the thousands of dedicated amateur wildlife photographers in the British isles, not only by showcasing the best in wildlife photography in its pages, but by encouraging photographers to send in their images - the best of which will be covered in the pages of EP.

Earth Periodical is available now from the Apple App Store, and will be free for a limited period.



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