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Nikon Foundation Competition closes tonight

We've been supporting the Nikon Foundation Competition (see here for details), but as a reminder the deadline for entries closes tonight at 11:59 BST.

Adobe Demonstrates Photoshop For The iPad

Photoshop World is in full swing at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and yesterday during their Keynote, Adobe demonstrated Photoshop for the iPad and it has layers, unlike Photoshop Elements for the iPad.Layers are only found in professional applications and this demonstrates Adobe's commitment to this app and to the iPad, for photographers on the go. There's no news yet on release dates or a full feature set but watch this space, as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know. We can't wait.

Cameras supporting SDHC UHS-I

We were sent a list of cameras that support the latest SDHC UHS-I standard some months ago by Kingston Technology, but it wasn't in a format we could easily post. But after checking the list today to confirm support for the Olympus XZ-1 we decided it might be useful for our readers. The list was correct as of 10th Feb, since then they'll likely be more new cameras that support the cards. Canon Casio Nikon Olympus Panasonic Pentax Sanyo Sony Toshiba

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Adobe Flex for BlackBerry PlayBook: Tutorial

Research In Motion® (RIM®) has formed a great partnership with Adobe®, in which both are dedicated to providing developers with an exceptional development experience using the tools and technologies that you have grown to love. Supporting the community is one of the biggest priorities for both companies; for example, along with our BlackBerry® Developer Zone, Adobe has dedicated a page on their Developer Connection portal. Adobe evangelists have been quick to create content and tutorials, a great example of which can be found on the BlackBerry Developer Zone – Christophe Coenraets has created a tutorial on developing Flex for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in 90 minutes. If you are new to Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR development, getting started can be easily overwhelming. There are lots of tooling options and technology options to consider before beginning. The above article walks you through all of the necessary steps to get you set up and started. Christophe also shows how to get start…

New - Photo & Video OS X App - Poster

Reinvented Software released Poster 1.1 for Mac OS X today. Poster is an application for posting photos and videos to the web. Version 1.1 adds support for posting to SmugMug, posting videos to Facebook, improves the app's plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture, people tagging and more.Poster is a Mac OS X application for uploading photos and videos to multiple sites and accounts with a sleek design that makes posting photos and videos a truly enjoyable experience. In version 1.1, it's now possible to post photos and videos to SmugMug. Poster 1.1 also adds videos to its existing support for posting photos to Facebook. For each site, Poster takes a tailored approach that makes the most of each site's unique features. Poster can post both photos and HD videos with captions and keywords to SmugMug, create new public, unlisted or password-protected galleries or post to any existing galleries.When posting to Flickr, Poster can upload both photos and videos, auto-complete tags, create…

Sigma UK confirm DP2x price

Sigma Imaging UK has confirmed a price of £619.99 inc VAT for the DP2x and the company claim the camera, which features a 14-megapixel Foveon APS-C size sensor and 24mm f/2.8 lens, will be available to purchase at the end of April. Press release: Sigma DP2x Compact digital camera with an APS-C size, 14MP image sensorSigma Imaging (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that the suggested retail price of the new DP2x is £619.99. This camera is the latest model in Sigma’s DP series and will be available for purchase towards the end of April.The new Sigma DP2x incorporates AFE (Analog Front End) and faster autofocus. AFE is also used in the DP1x compact digital camera and SD15 digital SLR and converts full color data, which the FOVEON X3® capture system records, into a digital signal. This enables the camera to reproduce high definition and richly colored images. In addition, the new AF algorithm provides high speed autofocus, ensuring convenient shooting.SLR-sized image sensor
The size of the ima…

Bibble 5.2.2 update announced

Bibble 5.2.2 Update Now Available
Adding Support for Canon's sRAW and mRAW formats, two additional Sony cameras, and Nikon's D1xBibble 5.2.2 is new available for download now, and provides broader RAW file support, improved stability, and resolves minor issues found in previous releases of Bibble 5.  Bibble 5.2.2 add support for Canon's sRAW and mRAW formats, Nikon's D1x, and Sony's a290 and a390 cameras.  This update is free for all current Bibble 5 customers.Bibble 5.2.2 also improves interaction with plugins that change the size of your photo, like zFrame and zShadow, and seen in the screenshot below.  These plugins allow you to add creative frames and drop shadows to your images - directly within Bibble 5.  Output images will look exactly like the preview in Bibble, ready to publish and share.  You can create Presets with your favorite zFrame and zShadow settings to quickly add your finishing touch to every image in Bibble. Bibble 5.2.2 is our third free update s…

Latest Photography iOS App Updates

Here are the latest iOS photography app updates, take a look at these... Sort Shots - iPad Edition Already using tags and keywords in your desktop photo editor? Now photo EXIF keywords and ratings are automatically imported into your Sort Shots library for easy searching. Image keywords and ratings data are currently supported for Adobe® Bridge® and Lightroom® (Mac and PC) and Apple iPhoto® and Aperture®! Plus, image resolution is exactly as you shot it – no more resizing!.What's New
• Air print enabled to print your photos wirelessly
• Use multi-touch pinch gestures to open thumbnail in full screen
• Close full screen view with pinch gesture
• Two finger tap on a thumbnail or full screen photo to view photo metadata popover
• Three finger tap to Add/Remove Favorite (thumbnail and full screen photo)
• Image rotation with finger gestures on full screen view
• Rotate one or more thumbnails with finger gestures
• View file names with thumbnails
• Display a photographs metadata in full …

Leica Camera AG announce firmware update for Leica X1

Press release: 29 March 2011: Leica Camera AG has announced a firmware update for its high-performance digital compact camera, the LEICA X1. The update is available for X1 owners to download from the company's web site today.The new X1 firmware offers the following additional features and benefits:- Improved manual focusing, with the focus screen showing the image based on an open aperture- More accurate manual focusing with finer steps, when scrolling slowly with the click wheel- Two manual focusing speeds for more accurate and faster MF operation- Manual focusing lock now available- Enlarged manual focusing scale display- Depth of field scale displayed in manual focusing mode- Manual focus settings retained in memory when camera is switched off- Improved autofocus speed in low light conditions and with low contrast subjects, in particular when shooting
multiple shots of the same subject- ISO setting is displayed in Auto ISO mode- Improved JPEG image qualityA detailed description …

Previously unseen portraits by John Swannell go on display at NPG

The National Portrait Gallery in London has announced a new display which will show previously unseen portraits by John Swannell. The display, Now and Then: Photographs by John Swannell, will run from 22 April until 31 December 2011 in Room 38a of the Gallery. Press release:PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN PORTRAITS OF SUSAN BOYLE AND TONY BLAIR TO GO DISPLAY AT NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY

Previously unreleased portraits of singer Susan Boyle, former Prime Minister,Tony Blair, and art historian and museum director Sir Roy Strong (in Elizabethan costume), will form part of a new display at the National Portrait Gallery. The display will highlight 16portraits recently acquired for the Gallery’s Collection by acclaimed photographer John Swannell. The portraits on display range from previously unseen photographs taken in the last year, to portraits taken at the start of his career in the early 1970s. The display, Now and Then: Photographs by John Swannell, will run from 22 April until 31 December 2011 in Ro…

Lastolite unwrap Baby Posing Coat

Press release: Lastolite Announce New Baby Posing Coat
March 28th 2011, Lastolite Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Baby Posing Coat.

The new Baby Posing Coat is made of soft velvet-like, light absorbing fabric. It effectively becomes the background of the shot without it being obvious the parent is involved. The hood can ‘disguise’ the head of the parent for ‘over the shoulder’ shots, whilst the large sleeves allow the parent’s hands to be hidden or exposed. The coat reduces the child’s stress and anxiety byallowing the parent to hold them, thus helping the shoot to run smoothly. Available in one size, the coat is secured with hook and loop fastenings.

Main Features and Benefits:

1.                Made of soft, light absorbing fabric
2.                Hood and sleeves to disguise head and hands of parent
3.                One size fits allPricing and Availability…

Fuji resume X100 production

Fujifilm halted production of the highly anticipated X100 compact after the Tohuku disaster on March 11. The company has a production line for the X100 located in Yamato, Miyagi Prefecture, close to the area of the destruction. But despite fleeting supplies of water and electricity from the imposed rolling blackouts, Fujifilm has confirmed that X100 production will go ahead. Whether that is in the same plant or outsourced using some of the equipment rescued from the production line, as some pundits have claimed, isn't clear at this time. Press release (auto-translation) Digital camera "FinePix X100" Notice of resuming shipmentsMarch 28, 2011
FUJIFILM CorporationMarch 11, 2011 (Friday) by the earthquake that occurred off the northeastern Pacific Ocean "FinePix X100" production plant (Yamato Town, Kurokawa-gun Miyagi) but have always suffered from the earthquake to cease operations for one o'clock Orimashi This time the production line can be recovered or will …

Quantum announce Basic Trio

Quantum Instruments has announced a new 'Basic' version of the Qflash Trio. The new TRIO BASIC has all the same features of the standard TRIO, but without the build-in transceiver for wireless operation (and a saving of around £100). Press release: QUANTUM QFLASH TRIO BASICFlaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Quantum products, are pleased to announce a new Quantum Qflash: The TRIO BASIC.The TRIO BASIC has all the same sophisticated features of the standard TRIO, but without the build-in transceiver for wireless operation. This reduces the retail price by £100.TRIO BASIC features:
•    TTL dedication for Nikon or Canon DSLR's
•    Hot Shoe mounted
•    Fully interchangeable reflector system
•    High Speed Sync
•    Non-Stop shooting all day, no over-heating problems
•    Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL & Program (Pre-Sets) Modes
•    Powered by any Turbo battery
•    Removable long or short power cable
•    User replaceable, low cost flashtubeThe …

RayFlash intro new Rotator flash bracket

RayFlash the creator of the popular RingFlash Adaptor has announced the new FlashRotator, a flash-bracket with 360-degree rotating mount for easy positioning of a portable flash around the lens. It's available now with a RRP of £154.99 inc VAT (£129 ex VAT). Please click on the following links to buy the Ray Flash Rotator at the following retailers:Amazon (all countries)
Adorama USWarehouse Express UK/DE For more information please visit UK distributor Flaghead or visit Ray Flash.Ray Flash is distributed by ExpoImaging in the US. Press release: Press Release:The revolutionary RayFlash FlashRotatorFrom the inventor of the RayFlash ringflash adapter comes another unique product:A 360° rotating flash bracket with fast, continuous positioning around the lens.No shadow or Monster shadow: your choice!- Revolutionary design
- Quick & easy mounting without tools
- Fast positioning anywhere around the lens
- Use with Nikon & Canon cameras for full TTL useThe RayFlash Rotator is the firs…