The Woodmans


Francesca Woodman committed suicide at the age of 22 in 1981 but not before producing a body of work consisting of roughly 800 rich but hauntingly powerful images - mainly self-portraits in which she appeared often only partially clothed. Her artist parents have seen their daughter's professional reputation eclipse their own, long after her death. Directed by C. Scott Willis The Woodmans tells her story through her work and parents' interviews and by all accounts is garnering critical acclaim. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be showing anywhere in the UK, unless anyone can tell me to the contrary.

More of the trailer can be found here.

Further reading can be found here (The Telegraph) as well as here (The NYR blog) and here (The Wall Street Journal).


A monograph of the photographer, Francesca Woodman, written by Chris Townsend and lavishly published by Phaidon, goes in and out of stock in the US, but can be found regularly available in the UK (Amazon UK link)


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