Vice President Of Design Leaves Apple

That's the latest news from Razorainfly, apparently, Sarah Brody, Apple’s Vice President of Design (up until this week), has reportedly left the company after being hired by online mirco-payments giant PayPal. Brody had many duties at Apple, actively working on both the iPhone, original iPod nano and even MobileMe.


Perhaps the most iconic job of them all though was that Brody was also responsible for the product packaging design of software packages such as Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server and Aperture 3.

While we highly doubt this will be the end of iconic product packaging for Apple, you do have to ask yourself why someone like Brody, who has worked on products as the iPhone and iPod, would leave to work for someone like Paypal.

That said, maybe Brody will be assigned the task of making Paypal’s homepage look half decent … and that we definitely cannot argue with.


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