Top 10 Latest Photography Apps To Hit The iOS Store

There are some great new photography apps available for your iOS device(s). From PDN's new PhotoServe app that includes a visual database with information such as portfolios to client and award lists. The app is free and is definitely worth downloading. PhotoStudio also looks good and allows you to capture some great images on your iPhone. Take a look at this list and download a few of these apps, we're sure you will be pleased you did.



PDN's PhotoServe is one of the most respected resources for finding great photography talent, industry information and the newest photo trends from around the world. This visual, searchable database includes over 1,100 updated portfolios, contact information, bios, client and award lists and social networking features. PhotoServe is designed for efficiency, with easy contact between creatives and photographers directly. Visitors build collections of favorite images
that can be e-mailed to prospective clients for fast decision making. It is a visual database of the world's best photography that continues to grow and provides free access to the latest news, trends, advertising campaigns and topical features in the industry. Art Buyers, photo editors and creatives can find the newest imagery and talent on a daily or even hourly basis.




PhotoStudio allows you to quickly edit images right on your phone. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance using an intuitive interface. You can also change the style of the image to black & white, softened, cartooned or sepia toned. Images can be quickly edited and then immediately saved to the camera roll for uploading or emailing.




PhotoLinks is a new kind of photograph organizer, by linking one picture to another. Prepare (or take) one picture, and put a marker on wherever you like. Then take a next picture. That's all you need to link pictures. It will help the problems like "I took so many photos, but I can't recognize where I took these. I wonder from which way I took them either".




How symmetrical is your face? Muggum can show you! Need a creative profile pic? Muggum can help you! This easy-to-use photography app takes images directly from the camera in your iPhone or iPod Touch and instantly creates two side-by-side symmetrical portraits, which you can fine tune using a bi-directional guide. Instantly upload to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr – or, save to Photo Album or Email. Take fun and hilarious pictures of yourself, your friends, your kids, your pets, or even celebrities in magazines! Great for profile pics and online avatars!


Photo Backup App


Photo Backup App will safely, simply, and securely backup your camera roll photos.

Most people don't realize that the photos they take with their iPhone camera (or iPod Touch 4g) are NOT synced or automatically backed up. We are used to our contacts, appointments, emails, and bookmarks being synced and/or backed up via MobileMe (or some other service), and many apps backup or sync their own data, but not your device's Camera Roll




Make some photos to one panel ePhotoPanel
ePhotoPanel makes some photos to one panel.
Just choose favorite photos from camera roll, you will make great work.
ePhotoPanel arranges photos automatically.
It’s very useful to make one panel from some snap shots of your vacation when send emails or share it.
Easy to make photo catalogs.
Check your pitching style with line sequence photos up.
Easy to record a plant observations.
Before and after the diet or go around the hair salon.
ePhotoPanel arranges so beautifully, you can easily compare photos.
The usage is various, depends on you.


Feather retouch


Seamless cloning tool allows you to retouch skin defects, patch unwanted reflected light spots and duplicate image parts preserving their texture and make them looks naturally inside of paste context. You can make free shape selection just using your finger then drag and drop the selected part of the image wherever you want inside your image with both presented clone tools. You can also change the drag and drop direction to replace selected area with the content of other part of your image. Application also supports undo action. Edited images can be saved directly into your photo library so you can manage them and share with your friends as usual.


Geo Album


Browse your photos on standard map or satellite map without drift issue!

★ Browser photos on maps. (support standard map and satellite map).
★ Photos taken in China can be displayed correctly on China map.
★ View GPS EXIF information.
★ Locate photo in the map.
★ Common current location drift issue in China region also can be fixed using Geo Album.


Photography Templates & Inspiration


This app gives you a lot of photograph templates that you can try to reproduce with your camera, allowing you understand the role of form and light in your photographs.


Crop Photo


Crop photos with no loss in image quality!

Rotate or flip your photos!

Handles extra large photos other crop apps can't!



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