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Sony reinvents its Handycam® camcorder line with a full HD 3D solution among other breakthrough models n

Today Sony unveiled a line-up of Handycam® camcorders that redefine the way consumers capture video and photos, including its first foray into the consumer world of 3D. Sony is the only company that can deliver motion pictures and live action sports in 3D – and then provide a similar experience to consumers at home or on-the-go.
Significant technological advancements enhance the new camcorder portfolio, yielding innovative devices that offer unique digital imaging solutions. In addition to a Full HD 3D Handycam camcorder, a built-in projector model and video enthusiast model highlight Sony’s arsenal of camcorders. But both High Definition and Standard Definition options are feature-packed from the bottom of the line to the top.



Creating a new standard in video creation and playback, three new additions bring 3D technology and enthusiast video solutions to Sony’s industry-leading High Definition line-up. Strengthening its 3D portfolio, Sony’s HDR-TD10E is the world’s first “Double Full HD” 3D consumer camcorder. The camcorder employs an integrated dual lens system, which includes two of each key component - double Sony G Lenses, double “Exmor R” CMOS sensors, and double “BIONZ” image processors. The dual recording system yields the ability for 3D content to be played back in Full HD 2D automatically on non-3D displays, while 3D footage can be played back without glasses on the camcorder’s crisp Xtra Fine 3.5-inch 3D LCD touch screen. You can also play Full HD 3D videos on any 3D capable HDTV. In addition to other innovative features, 10x optical zoom with Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode) and iAUTO are offered in 3D mode. Providing 64GB of flash memory, the HDR-TD10E will be available in April 2011.


Sony’s new Handycam camcorders with built-in projector offer the ultimate playback experience. A projector is built into the 3-inch LCD panel, maintaining the camcorder’s compact size, and allows video and images to be projected at up to 60” (diagonally when projected 6m away) onto walls, ceilings, or other flat surface. Stereo speakers with Clear Phase and S-Master digital amplifier produce clear, dynamic sound and when combined with the integrated projector, a whole new way to enjoy video playback without needing to plug into an HDTV is achieved. The HDR-PJ50VE with a 220GB Hard Disk Drive will be available in April 2011, HDR-PJ30VE with 32GB of flash memory, and HDR-PJ10E with 16GB of flash memory will be available in March 2011.


With sleek designs and best-in-class features such as its high-speed BIONZ® imaging processor, Sony’s camcorder family offers unparalleled performance. Across the entire line-up, the following technologies will be integrated:
• iAUTO for automatic selection of optimal camcorder settings in different environments by detecting the camcorder’s surroundings and continually optimizing settings in real-time for a variety of unique scenes
• Extended Zoom for longer zooming capability, in addition to Optical zoom
• Wide Angle lens to capture everything you want (HD models only)
• Event Browse for automatic grouping of your content by events for easy playback (HD models only)
• Highlight Playback & Share to easily create a highlight reel (HD models only)
• Direct Copy to create your own video library on external HDD without a PC
• Built-in USB cable and software for easy web upload and quick charge (except HDR-TD10E)
• Large 3-inch LCD display for easy viewing and touch operation (HDR-TD10E has a 3.5 inch LCD)
• Auto lens cover & power-on just by opening the LCD
• Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active Mode in HD models and SteadyShot with Active Mode in SD models, reducing the effects of hand shake for dramatically smoother video footage even while walking


Sony continues to offer superior engineering in its HD models, even at entry level. In addition to the above, all new HD Handycam models will feature the back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS sensor for stunning low light performance, Golf Shot for a rendering of your swing in up to 22 images, Wide Angle G Lens (26.3mm for HDR-CX700VE/690E/560VE; 29.8mm for the rest of HD models), and 50p recording, in addition to capturing content in full 1920 x 1080 high-definition video recording at up to 24Mbps, the highest bit-rate offered by the AVCHD format. All HD Handycam camcorders will also be equipped with a new feature called Tracking Focus, which maintains focus of moving objects. Similar to Face Touch, where you can select a person in the frame to be prioritized, you can touch a subject in the shot, such as dog or vehicle.


A vital part of good video is optimal sound, and with deep roots in audio innovation, Sony brings exceptional sound to more of its camcorder models. Now many Handycam camcorders will be equipped with a high quality built-in microphone with 5.1ch surround system, stereo speakers with Clear Phase and S-Master technology, wind noise reduction, and a mic/HP jack.


Sony will offer attractive entry-level HD camcorder options in both hard drive (HDR-XR160E) and flash memory (HDR-CX160E and HDR-CX130E) formats. The HDR-XR160E features a 160GB hard drive for up to 66 hours of HD video (LP mode), while the HDR-CX160E has 16GB of embedded flash memory for up to six hours of HD video (LP mode), and the HDR-CX130E allows for customizable capacity with the purchase of a memory card.
These camcorders are packed with features including:
• 1/4” "Exmor R" CMOS Sensor with “ClearVid” array
• 30X optical zoom lens and 42X extended zoom
• 3.3-megapixel still photos
• 29.8mm Wide Angle G Lens (35mm equivalent, video mode)
• Wind Noise Reduction
• Mic jack (except HDR-CX130E)
• 5.1 microphone and stereo speaker (HDR-XR160E only)
The HDR-XR160E will be available in April2011, while the HDR-CX160E, and HDR-CX130E will be available in March 2011. The HDR-CX130E will come in black, blue, red and silver.
Sony will also offer the HDR-CX360VE, with 32GB of flash memory and the following step-up features:
• 7.1-megapixel still photos
• Embedded GPS to track destinations on a map with built-in GPS antenna and NAVTEQ® digital maps for Geo-tagging video and photo
• LED video light and flash
• 25p recording


Sony refreshed its Standard Definition line-up with three new flash memory-based models offering up to 16GB of capacity, including the 16GB DCR-SX85E, 4GB DCR-SX65E and the DCR-SX45E which allows for customizable capacity with the purchase of a memory card. These high-performance models have features found across the line, including a built-in USB cable and PMB portable software, 3-inch LCD touch panel wide screen (230K resolution), SteadyShot® image stabilization with Active Mode, Direct Copy, Carl Zeiss® lens, auto lens cover, iAUTO, and Extended Zoom. They also employ 60x optical zoom, Face Detection, and an on-board video light.
The DCR-SX85E, DCR-SX65E, and DCR-SX45E camcorders will be available in February. The DCR-SX65E and DCR-SX45E models will be offered in blue, black, red and silver.


In addition to the hard disk drive or built-in flash memory, all of Sony’s new camcorders can record video and still images directly to Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media, Secure Digital (SD), or SDHC media card (all sold separately).
Also featured on all HD and SD models, the Direct Copy feature lets you copy footage directly from Handycam camcorders to any brand of external hard disk drive (USB2.0; under2TB) via a USB cable (VMC-UAM1; sold separately), when connected to AC power, for PC-free back-up and archiving. Video stored on the external HDD can be played back through the camcorder for viewing on a compatible TV. The Handycam camcorders are also compatible with Sony’s VRD-MC10 and VRD-MC6 Multi-Function DVD Recorder, as well as the VRD-P1 DVDirect® Express DVD writer, offering quick and easy ways to transfer home videos directly to DVD without a computer.
For PC users, the bundled Picture Motion Browser (“PMB”) software allows viewing, editing, organizing and uploading images to many major video and photo sharing Web sites.


Sony also introduced the enthusiast-level HDR-CX700VE with hallmark Handycam features – “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor, Wide Angle Sony G Lens, Optical SteadyShot™ with Active Mode, Highlight Playback, Face Detection, iAUTO – and a wealth of new technologies like 50p/25p recording, PMB portable (becomes compatible with Mac from April) , built-in USB cable, Tracking Focus, and Event Browse for automatic grouping of your content by events for easy playback.
Borrowing from Sony’s professional products, the camera boasts film-like shooting with 25p recording, along with CinemaTone Gamma™ and CinemaTone Color™ presets, as well as advanced features such as Expanded Focus, Zebra and Peaking settings for more precise video expressions. Additionally, a newly developed 16:9 “Exmor R” CMOS sensor realizes wide angle of up to 26.3mm (35mm equivalent) and higher megapixels for video and photos. With 96GB of flash memory, the HDR-CX700VE will be available in March 2011.


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