Samsung’s New SH100 Brings Your World Closer

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the launch of the new SH100, a compact Wi-Fi enabled camera that delivers great shots that you can share over the internet and social networks with your friends and family, from wherever you are in the world. The SH100 is set to be Samsung’s leading fully connected camera in 2011, building on the success of the company’s wirelessly connected cameras to date and allowing Samsung to take a dominant position within this growing market.
Samsung’s pioneering steps within the connected camera market can be seen in the SH100’s unique innovation, which allows you to connect wirelessly to your other devices with ease. You can use Wi-Fi to connect to your Android-powered Galaxy S smartphone, so you can use your phone to view the shot you’re about to take in real time. If you’re not happy with it, you can zoom in and out to get the best picture, and then activate the shutter remotely when you’re ready to pose. This innovation means that the days of running between your camera and your subject, trying to line up the perfect group shot, are over – because you now have total control of your camera in the palm of your hand from wherever you are in the shot. You can even use your phone’s GPS to record exactly where you were when you captured your favourite memories

The SH100’s built in Wi-Fi also means you can automatically back up your shots to your PC by pushing just two buttons, or use DLNA to hook up to your HDTV and see your photos and videos straight away. Wi-Fi also enables you to upload your pictures instantly to your social networking sites such as Facebook, Picasa or Photo Bucket, or to email them to individual email addresses straight from the camera, meaning the people you care about can enjoy your experience from wherever they are. You can also record HD video and share your favourite moments over sites such as YouTube, and to make the upload process of these larger files easier and quicker, the SH100 includes an account with mobile hotspot provider Boingo, giving you access to over 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.
The SH100 is the latest example of Samsung’s user-focused innovation and design. The company has always carefully researched its target audience, and in 2011 Samsung is applying this research to create unique products for a younger, more digitally connected generation of camera users. The company is also leveraging its strength in other product areas such as mobile phones to make emerging camera technologies such as Wi-Fi accessible to all camera buyers, even those on smaller budgets.
Steve Mitchell, General Manager, Samsung UK Digital Imaging, commented: “At Samsung we are always striving to innovate and you can see this in every product we release. From our in depth consumer research we know that younger users have different needs from their digital camera – they don’t want to wait until they get home to share their favourite moments with their friends, they want to be able to do this instantly from wherever they are. The SH100 gives young people the chance to bring their world closer, by drawing on Samsung’s technological strength to deliver total connectivity in a compact camera at an accessible price. Through the SH100 we hope to provide the best product for people looking for the ultimate connectivity from their camera, and strengthen Samsung’s leadership in compact cameras through our unique innovations.”
The SH100 uses its built in Wi-Fi capability to deliver unique new experiences for all camera users. By selecting the PC Auto Back-up function your camera will automatically find your PC and download the latest photos onto it, even if the PC is turned off. This feature is compatible with the Wake-on LAN system which many modern home PCs are equipped with.
The Wi-Fi capability on the SH100 also allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control and viewing device for your camera. If you’re shooting over a crowd at a concert, you can enable the Remote Viewfinder function, meaning that you can hold your camera high over your head while you can see a preview of the picture in real time on your phone screen. It’s also perfect for taking self shots - you can zoom in and out using the 5x optical zoom and access basic menu functions including parameters and shooting modes. When you’re happy with the shot you can operate the shutter remotely too, and the camera will record the GPS information for the photo in order to geo-tag it.
Samsung has also used its strength in the smartphone market to develop a new Smart Access user interface (UI) for all of its new compact cameras. The touch based UI works in the same quick, intuitive way as many smartphones, meaning that everyone will find the SH100 easy to operate, and that even advanced functions such as sharing content wirelessly can be simply done using a few touches of the buttons on the large, clear 3” LCD screen. The Smart Access UI enables users to drag, click and control ‘app-style’ icons, easily flip through photos and control a range of the camera’s features.
The SH100 also features Samsung AllShare, which uses DLNA technology to allow you to connect to your HDTV and stream content wirelessly - so when you get home from a concert you can watch the videos of your favourite songs straight away on your TV.


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