First Image Samples Taken With The FujiFilm X100


At least that's what the link said, now it seems the website has been asked to remove the test images by Fujifilm Norway. Still, the dialogue is still up, take a look at

They Conclude...

"All in all, we are quite impressed with the image quality of the X100, especially considering that we have tested is a very early pre-production model and the image quality almost certainly will be as good or even better in the finished product. In addition, we have seen here on the JPG images, and almost without exception, a carefully processed RAW file could cause a significant increase in image quality.
X100 will be the legendary camera it is planned that it should be? Will it in its final edition to be worth the rather hefty price? It's hard to tell on the basis of the model we have seen, but unless Fujifilm really do not care for tension in one or another is the possibility certainly exists. X100 is clearly a prestige product for Fujifilm, and the enthusiastic reception it has received after the initial announcement at Photokina indicates that the interest is great. Fujifilm has many times shown that they can if they want, and when it comes to x100, they simply can not afford not wanted. If Fuji does not do his utmost to get the X100 as well as possible, shoot themselves in the foot, and we believe they are too smart to do".

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