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Arca-Swiss announce price of D4 and D4m heads

Arca-Swiss has announced the price of the d4 and d4m geared heads. The d4 will be priced from 790 Euros (ex VAT) or around $1,100, depending on the locking system, while the d4m will start from 490 Euros (ex VAT) roughly $670. There's still no definitive date for availability, but I'm assuming now we have a price, shipping will start soon. Press release:To get to the point ARCA-SWISS d4 & d4m
With the invention of the d4 pan tilt head ARCA-SWISS has put an end to setting levers of 3d heads that extend in all directions and always get in the way. No more uneven swiveling out of the camera. No more oversized dimensions, heavy loads and other all too well-known drawbacks to get in your way. We get straight to the point! The d4 and d4m are especially suitable for efficient and precise work in digital studio photography and outdoors for architectural photography. The d4 is the world’s smallest, most functional and lightest gear-head.Technical specifications
The innovative design o…

Anthropics announce Portrait Professional Studio version 10

Anthropics the developer behind the outstanding retouching utility, Portrait Professional, announced the expected upgrade to version 10. Along with a new interface, more presets, improved facial sculpting algorithms, child mode and improved brushes (they're much improved over LR and Aperture's healing brushes) version 10 is claimed to be a major upgrade. That maybe a bit of a stretch, although there is a lot going on in the background, still it's a welcome improvement nonetheless. Standard, Studio and Studio 64 (Windows 64-bit) editions are available now at a special time limited discounted price of £29.95, £49.95 and £79.95. If you purchased version 9 during the recent promotional period, you're entitled to a free upgrade. I f you buy or upgrade to any edition of Portrait Professional by 31st of January (that's tomorrow), and you will automatically be entered into a $500 Prize Draw! Fore more details about that see here. Extract taken from the press release :Anthro…

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9 deal of the day

Amazon US are enticing camera users with an $80 saving on Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 9 - $50 instant saving and a $30 extra with a mail in rebate but it's just for today. If Photoshop Elements is all you're looking for see here instead.

Top 10 Photography iPad Apps Of January 2011

There have been some incredible photography apps launched this month and with February 2011 also upon us we have completed our roundup of the best photography iPad apps launched this month. Take a look at these, they are fantastic. Folio HD Personally connect through the "Folio" App with Models, Makeup Artists, and Hair Stylists while viewing vivid fine art image examples created in collaboration with photographer Jason Hallmark.  An ever-growing collection of exotic women and abstract art images will capture your discerning eye.  Waiting for you is a visual experience sure to amaze with its clarity, saturation, and talent.  

Panasonic reveals Lumix G market share

Panasonic UK has issued a press release in which it claims the DMC-G2 is its best selling model and, continuing in a revealing statement, that they now hold an 11.3 per-cent market share of all interchangeable lens cameras, what they call CSCs (Compact System Cameras or mirrorless cameras to the rest of us) and DSLRs. They also claim that mirrorless sales are up 194 per-cent over the previous year (but if you look closely they're comparing Dec '10 to Dec '09) - mirrorless cameras were few and far between in Dec '09. All the same, on the eve of the first deliveries of the GF2 (pictured above) it's encouraging news all round.

Please find the latest press release from Lumix G below:

Phase One updates Capture One

After the introduction of the new IQ backs the other day, the maker Phase One has updated their Capture One raw conversion utility (now at version 6.1) to include support for them and a raft of other cameras including the following models:- Phase One IQ189, IQ160 and IQ140
- Leaf Aptus II 12 tethered
- Canon G12
- Nikon D3100 and P7000
- Panasonic DMC-GF2*, DMC-GH2*, DMC-G2*, DMC-G2, DMC-G10, DMC-FZ100 and DMC-FZ45 (*preliminary)
- Pentax K-5 and K-r New features include:- Local contrast and brightness adjustments
- Pen pressure and eraser support
- Getty Images metadate and import To download Capture One follow the link here.

Canon PowerShot S95 in stock at B&H

If the PowerShot G12 is too bulky for you then the svelte S95 should do the trick. Not only is it pocketable but it boasts a 28-105mm f/2.04.9 IS zoom and has a Raw file shooting option too. B&H are saying it's back in stock (it's a hugely popular choice by all accounts) at $399.95.

GeoLogTag Apple iPhone App review

We're great fans of GeoLog Tag here at the Digital Journal of Photography and also at our sister site, The App Whisperer , we have reviewed it in the past and always been impressed. This review concentrates on the latest updated version 3.3 that now includes support for geotagging Samsung RAW (SRW) photos, a fix for Mac geotagging when traveling through different timezones and a fix for Mac geotagging on an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network.
We put this app through its paces as the competition is heating up in the Apple app store of this style of app. Read our extensive review here...

Love Is In The Air At The Updated Apple Store

Looks like there's love in the air at the Apple store today, the store has just updated after being down all night and Apple have put together a great collection of Valentines Apple goodies for you and your true love, take a look here There has also been a slight redesign with the navigation bar showing cosmetic signs of being a slightly darker grey. There also appears to be a subtle background texture added to the site.

First Image Samples Taken With The FujiFilm X100

At least that's what the link said, now it seems the website has been asked to remove the test images by Fujifilm Norway. Still, the dialogue is still up, take a look at Akam.noThey Conclude... "All in all, we are quite impressed with the image quality of the X100, especially considering that we have tested is a very early pre-production model and the image quality almost certainly will be as good or even better in the finished product. In addition, we have seen here on the JPG images, and almost without exception, a carefully processed RAW file could cause a significant increase in image quality.
X100 will be the legendary camera it is planned that it should be? Will it in its final edition to be worth the rather hefty price? It's hard to tell on the basis of the model we have seen, but unless Fujifilm really do not care for tension in one or another is the possibility certainly exists. X100 is clearly a prestige product for Fujifilm, and the enthusiastic reception it has …

Olympus XZ-1 available to pre-order

B&H Photo are accepting pre-orders on the new high-end XZ-1 (10MP) digital compact from Olympus. Seems like Olympus are trying to challenge the G12 and LX5, and with an optically imagae stabilised 28-112mm f/1.8-2.5 it's looking hopeful. Time will tell. The price is listed at $499.95 and if you order it with Lightroom 3 you'll get $100 off the price.One feature that flew under my radar was the accessory port for an optional EVF, I'm hoping it's the same one that I'm using currently with the Olympus Pen E-PL2, it would make sense.

Last chance to buy the GF1

Panasonic's little GF-1 is being replaced by this, and while still eminently stealthy, the GF-1 has excellent manual controls lacking in the newest iteration. Amazon US are selling the GF1 body only here at $299 (via Samy's Camera), while B&H are still have some stock at $419. But after that it it's all over, so get yours now before it's too late. If you're looking for a lens, this is the one I would go for.

PhaseOne reveals IQ180

PhaseOne has announced a new range of digital backs, the first of which the IQ180 is the first to be released features a 'full-frame' 53.7x 40.4mm 80MP chip and touch-sensitive 1.15 megapixel (which we assume to mean 1.15 million dot) resolution screen. Although the back can be used tethered with a FireWire 800 cable, the IQ180 is the first to also adopt a USB3 connection - sure to be the more common of the two in the coming years. Two further models, the IQ160 and IQ140 with 60.5 and 40MP resolution sensors, respectively, will join the IQ180 and all three will available from April 2011 with prices starting from 16,990 EUR / 21,990 USD. Unlimited creativity at your fingertips
Today, Phase One announced the IQ series of digital camera backs, setting a new standard for image quality.
The IQ series is the answer to the professional photographer’s wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable photographic system ever engineered and built!
The first system that …

Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2011 Competition Now Open

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich is proud to present Astronomy Photographer of the Year, showcasing some incredible images of the sky, from within our solar system to deep space. Last years competition was a huge success and this years is set to be even greater. It is a free to enter competition, and all the details can be found below. How To Enter Above image - Blazing Bristlecone by Tom Lowe (USA) Competition Winner 2010Entries to the competition open on Thursday 20 January 2011 and close at midday (BST) on 13 July 2011. To enter the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition you will first need to add your photos to theAstronomy Photographer of the Year groupon the photo-sharing website, Flickr. Once you have done this, fill in the online application form on this website here. Through this form you will be able to nominate your chosen category and consideration for any of the relevant special prizes.If you are under 16 and would like to enter your photos into the Young Astronom…

NEC SpectraView Reference 271 concise review

Rating 4.5/5
Price $1,882, £1,549 (ex VAT), £1,858 (inc VAT
Contact NEC, 0208 993 8111,
Needs OS X 10.3 or later, Windows 2000 with SP4 or higher
Pros Picture quality, wide-gamut, hardware-calibratable with SpectraView profiler, ergonomics, build, three-year warranty 
Cons Granular text, no bundled Mini DisplayPort cable, calibrator extra (UK version)
Please follow the link to buy from UK retailer 

Please note this has been replaced by the PA 272W BK SV LED in the US (B&H Photo )

Color management is essential for critical color reproduction and the NEC SpectraView Reference 271 (MultiSync PA271W-BK-SV in the USA) is one of the few wide-gamut monitors available to come close to covering the Adobe RGB color space. Most monitors, even so-called high-end models, are barely able to reproduce the gamut of the much smaller sRGB color space. And, if your monitor doesn’t display the colors available to your output space, such as a photo-inkjet,…

Hipstamatic iPhone Photography Exhibition - Don't Miss It

The Orange Dot Gallery, London
Exhibition: 14th January 2011– 31st January 2011
Launched in the summer of 2010, is a blog dedicated to iPhone Hipstamatic photography. A beautiful online photo reel, it brings together and showcases some of the very best Hipstamatic shots from around the globe alongside some in-house originals.
People can scroll through the ever-expanding library of Hipstamatic shots and most importantly can share their own photos, submitting them for selection via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
From the hundreds of pictures on the blog the Orange Dot Gallery will showcase 157 prints – the same number as the amount of original analog cameras produced. A homage to both the history and future of Hipstamatics the exhibition will showcase some of the best works featured on the site to date, from both submitted snaps from around the globe and their own specially sourced and exclusive work.
A movement has started, opening up an opportunity for people ar…

Olympus E-PL2 sample shots with Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95

We've been spoiled this week, not only did we get an E-PL2 sample in for testing, we were sent a new Kingston card like this one, and a Voigtlander 25mm (50mm-e) f/0.95 Nokton also for review, so we thought we would share some quick snaps we took this Friday afternoon. We'll be showing more over the weekend, and hopefully with a wider selection of settings and with more photographic merit. Please check back regularly.

DataMind Srl announces Jade Plugin 3.0 for Apple Aperture

DataMind Srl today is proud to announce Jade Plugin 3.0, their digital image processing plugin for Apple Aperture. Jade Plugin includes the same algorithms as DataMind's highly acclaimed digital image processing applications, Jade and Beryl. Implementing state-of-the-art algorithms to enhance color, contrast and dynamic range, remove red-eye effect and remove noise, Jade Plugin is an easy-to-use image enhancement tool that will automatically improve digital images directly in Aperture. Feature Highlights Jade provides manual controls to fine-tune the intensity value, increase the contrast and apply the colour correction for unbalanced images. The red-eye removal can be tuned by setting the threshold level, the intensity of correction and by directly selecting the eye or image area to be corrected.Feature highlights include:
* One-Button Automatic Image Enhancement
* Automatic red-eye detection and removal
* Denoising
* Side-by-side image comparison
* Batch processing large volumes of ima…

Bibble out 5.2 and Lite versions

A favorite of Nikon DSLR users, Bibble Labs has released Bibble 5.2 Pro and Lite versions. For more information and to download a trial version please see below. Bibble 5.2 Pro & Lite Now AvailableMajor Selective Editing Improvements, Support for 14 New Camera RAW Formats & Much MoreAustin, Tx, January 20th, 2011: Bibble Labs, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Bibble 5.2 Pro and Bibble 5.2 Lite. This free update for all current Bibble 5 customers adds support for 14 new RAW formats, including Nikon D3100, D7000, P7000 and Panasonic LX5, GF2 and GH2, and includes significant improvements to Bibble 5's already powerful Selective Editing capability, and many other enhancements."We've been hard at work since we launched Bibble 5.1 in June," says Jeff Stephens, President of Bibble Labs, Inc., "and we're thrilled to again be able to provide a free update to all our Bibble 5 customers with so many improvements."Follow the link he…

Portrait Professional v9 on offer

Easy to use and with outstanding results, Anthropics' automated retouching utility, Portrait Professional 9, is on sale at just $49.95, or £29.95 (normally $109.95, or £64.95). This is a time limited offer, as version 10 isn't far off, but this seems like a steal to me. The Studio version (reduced from $172.95 or £109.95 to just $89.95, or £49.95) has RAW conversion and, crucially, compatibility with 16-bit TIFFs (essential for pros).

See my review here of version 8.

B&H Photo Lightroom offer

B&H Photo are giving a $100 off Adobe Lightroom when purchased together with any one of these cameras. Yep, even the Canon EOS 5D Mk II.

White House Custom Colour expands backdrop range

White House Custom Colour, one of the largest pro photo and press printers in the world, has announced an expanded range of backgrounds for photographers. The 'wrinkle free' printed backdrops are made of polyester, allowing easy handling, transportation and storage. They're available in 8’x10’ size with a pole pocket at $350, despatched within 2-3 days of ordering and come with free ground shipping anywhere in the US. For more information please see the press release below. Press releaseWhite House Custom Colour Expands Product Line with Printed Photography BackdropsThe company’s line of wrinkle-free, easy-to-transport backdrops offers portrait photographers a variety of designs and colors that appeal to high school seniors, families, and childrenImaging USA 2011
Booth #403SAN ANTONIO & EAGAN, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--White House Custom Colour, the premier professional photographic and press printer, today announced the expansion of its product offering with the launch o…

Nissin Di466 adds compatibility with Four Thirds cameras

Independent flashgun manufacturer Nissin has introduced the Di466 with compatibility for Olympus and Panasonic Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras - the image sensor is the same size in both formats. The unit has a GN of 33m at 53mm focal length (ISO 100m/ft ) and is available now at £157 for the black version and £179 for the white model. Nissin Di466 flash now available for Four Thirds camerasKenro, the UK distributor for Nissin flash equipment, has announced the award winning Nissin Di466 Professional Speedlite is now available for Four Thirds System DSLR cameras.This new generation model comes in either black or white and is packed with features including TTL Exposure compensation from -1.5EV to +1.5EV by 0.5EV steps and Slave Remote Flash for either analogue or digital flash systems. The bounce head on the unit turns upward to 90 degrees with click-stops at 0, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degrees.The Di466 comes with ŒMY TTL‚, a feature exclusive to Nissin that enables the user to cust…

Epson announce Stylus Photo R3000

Epson has announced a new A3+ (13-inch wide) photo-printer using the Vivid Magenta inkset, front-loading of heavyweight fine-art paper and cartridges with a larger than average 25.9ml capacity. The new printer is expected to hit the retailers' shelves at the end of March at a price of $849.99/ £699.99 inc. VAT.

Press release
Medium print runs made possible with compact A3+ printer
Adds to wide range of high-quality A3+ photo printers using UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta inks for unbeatable greyscale reproduction

17 January 2011 – Epson® today launches its latest A3+ photo printer aimed at the professional and advanced amateur: the Epson Stylus Photo R3000. This printer makes professional-quality output accessible, with its convenient high-capacity inks which are perfect for medium print runs, and fits even the smallest desk space with its compact footprint.

In response to photographers and designers’ feedback, Epson has developed the R3000’s new features with convenience in mind.…

Canon PowerShot G12 in stock at B&H

Our affiliate retailer B&H Photo in New York has reminded us that the newly arrived G12 is in stock and now includes free shipping in the USA (as well as  $100 off Adobe Lightroom, if purchased together).

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 Competition Now Open

The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 competition is now open and they are once again seeking innovative and inspiring wildlife images.
Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year champions ethical wildlife photography – specifically the representation of the natural world as faithfully as possible, free of excessive digital manipulation, with honesty in all captioning, and total regard for the welfare of the animals and their environment. Entry Categories Images of nature including wildlife, plants and fungi, landscapes, man’s impact on the environment (both positive and negative) are eligible and can be entered into the following categories:
1. Animals in their Environment
2. Behaviour: Birds
3. Behaviour: Mammals
4. Behaviour: All Other Animals
5. Underwater World
6. Animal Portraits
7. In Praise of Plants and Fungi
8. Urban Wildlife
9. Nature in Black and White
10. Creative Visions of Nature
11. Wild Places
12. Special Portfolio Award: Eric Hoski…