Photographs of Animals Enjoying Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is not just for us, afterall animals need to eat too! Take a look at these scrumptious Animal pumpkin photos from zoos around the world.


A male orangutan named Tuan gets his teeth into a pumpkin at the Hagenbeck zoo in Hamburg

Picture: EPA

Open wide


Hippos at the at the Bioparco zoo in Rome get ready for their Halloween pumpkins

Picture: EPA


A squirrel munches a pumpkin in the garden of Molly Sanderson at Drayton, near Portsmouth. Molly always puts out a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween but this year she found it wrecked after just one day, so she bought a replacement. When she put it out in the garden she discovered the culprit, a grey squirrel.



Squirrel monkeys investigate a pumpkin as a Halloween treat at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Picture: PA


A Northern Plains Grey Langur (Semnopithecus entellus) investigates a carved Halloween pumpkin full of treats at Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Hungary.

Picture: EPA


Northern China leopards (Panthera pardus japonensis) also investigate Halloween pumpkin treats at the zoo in Hungary.

Picture: EPA


Divers Gareth Calvert and Jamie Oliver [not the TV chef] pose with pumpkins after a race to carve them underwater in the Ocean Reef display at the London Aquarium

Picture: PA


A young female orangutan named Zora plays with a pumpkin, in which other food was hidden, at the zoo in Hanover, northern Germany
Picture: AFP/GETTY


Meerkats investigate a pumpkin at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Picture: PA


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